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After a brief (failed attempt) at mapping several years back, I've returned with new ideas, better mapping skills, and I'm going to work on a new campaign, and share the progress as it goes along for feedback. Do not expect a fully fledged campaign yet, or finished maps, and please check the changelog for more details on things.

Maps planned (for now):

The Storage Building
The Warehouse
The Fiery Flight

This campaign will feature L4D1 survivors and a dark and fiery setting.

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-several missing sounds added to certain areas
-redid some lighting
-changed the fog
-removed the grain effect
-added lighting in certain places
-added weapon spawns on the lower level, along with randomized special infected (which are currently not working properly, unlike the ones on the main floor, this will be fixed when there is a nav)
-completely enclosed the outside of the storage facility building
-also completely enclosed the play area
-changed some props
-retextured a few things
-detailed a few areas
-blocked a path
-created a path through one of the outside storage units to go into the parking lot
-added weapon spawns in some of the outside storage units
-the path to saferoom is now done, and the saferoom has been built as well (it does nothing until work on the second map begins and until there is a nav)

An issue that may or may not exist (I'm unsure, since I have a terrible computer):

-performance may take a nosedive in this update in several places, notibly outside in the parking lot, when exiting through the emergency door, and when looking through the main hallway of the first level of the building

I will be attempting to better optimize the map soon.



-fixed the lights on the sign
-intro dialogue
-added some of the outside storage units
-parking lot
-some out of bounds work
-worked on the outside of the building more, especially the front, and added sidewalks
-witches now die after the elevator reaches the top
-moved some props around
-changed some textures here and there
-a little optimization



-redid several parts of the entryway
-flushed out the 'basement' a lot more
-lit the stairs
-lit one part of the lower level
-started on the actual outside of the building
-storage building sign
-the elevator can now be used by just one person, this will be fixed to require the whole team to operate once the nav is available
-a lot of custom textures
-opening the emergency exit actually calls for a panic event now, however due to their being no nav, nothing spawns



-after 12+ hours of troubleshooting, I think I have found a workaround to fix the problem with the custom elevator music not playing, and figured out how to get other custom sounds in my campaign in the future as well, however, because it was such a convoluted way of doing things, I'm unsure of how it'll work for others. So please update me immediately if the game has any issues as a result of this new version.



-campaign has a name for the moment, but depending on how the story/map design shapes up it could change
-as a result of the campaign naming, there is now a loading poster, which is subject to change in the same way the name is
-the map name has changed to The Storage Building, and now has an image for level selection
-the sounds for the elevator doors opening and closing have now been fixed to play out properly, and the speed at which they open and close has been changed to match
-the sound of the elevator moving is now working as intended, and is more realistic
-added some effects to the elevator upon reaching the top floor
-I've also added a short piece of original music that plays on the ride up, I composed it specifically for this, and as it is my first go at a custom sound, I'd like it if you could please let me know that it actually works on your end lol

A little edit to this:

-the music for the elevator does not work. I will try to resolve this issue in the next update



-adjusted light settings
-water in the 'basement' was fixed, and is now visible
-changes were made to the hole leading to the 'basement' part of the map, you will no longer take damage from the fall
-changed/added some weapon/item spawns
-decreased the smoke from the car fire in the entry area by a lot
-fire from car burns you now
-some optimizations here and there
-blocked a spot where survivors could get into the ventilation and skip a huge chunk of the level
-fleshed out the 'basement' more
-inclosed the lower level of the building and made it possible to reach the elevator
-randomized some of the lower level storage unit doors, will randomized some surprise special infected/items with them in the next update
-fixed/moved/removed several props
-added some post-processing
-changes/details added to the dumpster area
-added some 'support' pillars

Some known issues with this update:

-the 'basement' and the lower level of the building leading to the elevator is not yet lit
-light shines through the elevator from outside and through the ceiling in the entry-area of the building by the windows, this will be fixed as the level is built around those areas



The first version of map 1 is here! This is obviously a serious work in progress at the moment however (I'm only a few days work into this, starting immediately after my idea stage and I've been planning it as I go), and as such there are a few things worth mentioning before anyone plays and takes issue with them:

-certain areas are not built
-there is no saferoom at the end (or an end to speak of yet)
-no nav, which means the bots do not work and no infected (aside from 1 random scripted one) will spawn
-certain areas are inaccessible because certain areas are not built yet (like the Elevator/Emergency Exit, however you can access these by loading the map in the console and noclipping to it, however, take note that the elevator requires all team members to be inside it to work).
-water in the 'basement' level of the building is currently invisible, this is fixed and the fix will be in the next update
-when you fall down the hole to the basement, it seems you hit a prop before the water and this will damage you, so don't jump, this will be fixed in the next update
-the map is not optimized, aside from a serious amount of nodraw textures
-the spawning of items is not in anyway finalized, and right now, there may be way too many on the top floor of the building, so expect changes with these
-there are missing graphics for things like the map thumbnail, poster etc., these will come with time as the campaign takes its course
-fog is not functioning in this version, this will be fixed in the next update



I will be releasing the first version of the first map soon!

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Up In Flames v0.07

Up In Flames v0.07


Updated to v0.07, check the changelog for more details!


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