* 40 New Maps.
* 44 New Characters.
* New Single Player Mode.
* New HUD.
* New Menu.
* New Weapons.
* New Sounds.
* New Gametypes.
* New Lodaing Screens.
* Integrated PRO mode features.
* New Music.
* New Movies.
* New Announcements.
* New Gameplay.
* New Pickups.
* Game Tools.
* Support of new Charcaters, Maps and mutators.
* Multiplayer Game.

1. New Maps:
- Deathmatch:

- Classic Domination 2:

- Capture The Flag;

2. New Characters:
- New Mercs
- Skaajs
- Mariners
- Soldiers
- Cyborgs

3. New Single Player Campaign. Classic UT99 style.

4. Full re-designed HUD.

5. Full re-designed Menues and interface.

6. New Weapons:
- Enforcers Double Enforcers
- Impact Hummer (large jumps + no self damage)
- Razorjack
- Redeemer
- ASMD Shock Rifle
- Railgun
- Flak Cannon
- Pulse Gun

7. New Sounds.
- New Weapon Sounds.
- New Menu Sounds.
- UT99 Voicepacks.
- Quake 3 Arena Sounds.
- New Gameplay Sounds.
- New Pickup Sounds.

8. New Gametypes:
- Clan Arena.
- Classic Domination 2.

9. New Loading Screens

10. PRO Mode Feratures:
- Warmup.
- Voting.
- Hit Sounds.
- Instant Weapon Switch.
- Brightskins.

11. 31 New Music Soundtracks.

12. New Cutscene Movies.

13. New Announcements:
- Humiliation (Impact Hummer kills).
- Fatality (Reedemer kills).
- Quake 3 Style Frags Left Announcement.
- Quake 3 Style Lead Announcement.
- Quake 3 Style TDM Lead Announcement.
- MK3 Style Warmup Announcements.
- Enemy Killing Spree Announcements.

14. Gameplay
- UT99 Style Headshot.
- New Style Physic.
- New Spawn Effect.
- Start HP - 125
- Allowed change Team Color when creating Profile.
- Many other features.

15. New Pickups.
- Invisibility Pickup.
- Shard Armor Pickup.
- Changed most of all Pickups Models.

16. Game Tools.
- Added writeconfig (writecfg) console command - writing a current configuration from Unreal-
Tournament2.ini and UnrealTournament2User.ini to "YouConfigName.txt" to
UT2004UserLogs folder.
- Added readconfig (readcfg) console command - reading "YouConfigName" configura-
tion from UT2004UserLogs folder.
- Added support of Pickup Tuning. (in the Options page).
- Colored Fonts.

17. Support of new stuff.
You can easy install new maps, mutators and characters to UT2C.
If you installed a new characters change extension from .upl files to u2p or
start "Rename New CharactersList.bat" in System dirrectory.

18. Allowed multiplayer Internet and LAN playing.

To start mod run ut2004 go to Community -> Mods and activate UnrealTournament2 mod. Or
if you are Microsoft Windows user start
"ut2004unrealtournament2systemUnrealTournament2 .exe".
To change language start "ut2004unrealtournament2systemLanguage.exe" .
To start UnrealED on UT2C SE, start "ut2004unrealtournament2systemUnrealEditor.exe" .

- Dmitry 'Nikoderiko' Nikitin for DM-Codex][, DM-Conveyor][, CDOM-Gharden, NewProfile Menu
Page interface, Pickup Switcher menu page, Unreal2 Mariners, Russian typing support,
Trophy Room dude and help on some scripting works.
- Aaron Everitt & Joлl Moffatt for UTCompSrc (warmup, coloredfonts, brightskins, hitsounds,
voting, clanarena source etc).
- Evil Engine for U2Soldiers and Skaarj Light.
- Brian "Snake.PLiSKiN"& Alexander for Classic Domination.
- Parser & Daedalus for Ripper2k4 source.
- Shuri for Enforcer source.
- Jan "eGo" Urbansky for UFontMaterial component.
- Lopar-XL for UT99 English voicepacks.
- GentleManiac for fonts help.
- MSM for CDOM-ArcaneTemple2k4, CDOM-Cinder2k4, CDOM-Cinder2k4, CTF-EpicBoy2k4
CDOM-DMP-Shrapnel][2k4, DM-1on1Oblivion2k4, DM-Gothic2k4, DM-Grinder2k4
- Teddie 'teddabot' Tapawn for DM-TDB-Peak, DM-Deck17, CTF-FaceClassic.
- Rod 'MoxNix' Schnell for DM-Malevolence2004.
- Carson "Dregs" Smith for CDOM-Crypt.
- Paul Taylor for CTF-CoretClassic.
- Andy Ford for CTF-EternalCavesClassic.
- Stefan 'S-Dot' Doetschel for CTF-Niven2051.
- iso6 for DM-Liandry.
- ilBeppe for Dm-Turbine2004-TE.
- Jon 'KillBait' Duncombe for StalwartClassic.
My family for same tips and support.
Epic Games and Digital Extremes for Unreal

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Unreal Tournament 2 CSE Full Final NonUmod

Unreal Tournament 2 CSE Full Final NonUmod

Full Version 2 comments

This is the complete mod with everything needed to play, just follow the instructions in the read me and you should be ready to play

Guest - - 688,908 comments

For some reason after I downloaded this mod everything seemed fine. Until I decided to extract the folder through 7zip. Then after say a minute I'm in the main system folder of the UT2C files my Norton security decided that the main system.exe file was deemed unsafe and removed it from my computer. Come to find out the system.exe file had some kind malware attached to it called WsReputation. Did anyone who downloaded this mod ran into this problem?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Stevi32 - - 23 comments

Active in 2018?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 688,908 comments

how do you install the mod onto ut2004 i read the readme thing but its not in community, mods..... help

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Blade_Sword Creator
Blade_Sword - - 614 comments

You have to get the whole Unreal Tournament 2 folder into UT2004, then create a shortcut from UT2 that is in unreal tournament II System folder

Reply Good karma+1 vote
aleksei1999 - - 14 comments

Hello. I have a question: where did you get skins for "Mercenaries" and "Thundercrash"?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
basildon3 - - 9 comments

How to disable ****** warmup in spectating team matches?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Blade_Sword Creator
Blade_Sword - - 614 comments

I don't know I think that's because the mod mixes UT and quake 3

Reply Good karma+1 vote
naturesadi - - 22 comments

Wow! nice looking mod.


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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