In Type X, you play as one of the mysterious alien species from the depths of unknown dimensions known as "Race X". The mod is based on Black Lambda's main code and adds even more features and mechanics.

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Like, I'm being serious right now, I am assuring that NONE of my mods are dead, nor are on their way to be, so this article is made up as news on my current still-work-in-progress mods (excluding HBAlpha of course), and how they are doing.

First, in the case of Black Lambda, well...

I am afraid to say, because of the many broken features, unfinished codes, etc, that I will have to rework the entire code from scratch (yes, I am real on this), and it will probably be a long time on it, but the current build is too messed up for me to keep improving it.

So for that, the next update for Black Lambda will directly go into Version 3 or upper.

I am also planning to release the current source code for my old build, so you people can reuse it's old assets, modify it, or witness the absolute mess that it is.

Half-Broken 2 is currently my most anticipated mod (aside Black Lambda) and it's development is doing well, but it is still too early for any major updates.

Squad Foxtrot (that mod that shows how good I am at having a mod idea and submitting it without question) is also doing well, and honestly is my easiest mod to work on, so it should be no big problem.

Half-Broken 2 and Squad Foxtrot are currently the mods I am actively working on, so I may be posting infos about sooner or later, and finally, as of Type X, I need more time to think about it (though I clearly see you people appreciate this mod).

I sincerely apologize for the deep lack of information and the way-too-long development that my mods are, but I am going to say this: I will NOT give up on them, those are a lot of passionate work, and yes it is long and hard and I am the kind of guy to work on a million projects at once, but I just cannot let myself stop and leave those in the dust, then watching people saying "What even the heck are those mods supposed to be about???".

So, to compensate about this said lack of information, I have opened a new Discord server to replace the one I originally made for Black Lambda, there you can ask me any questions about my mods, and I may be posting updates like screenshots or ideas.

Accessible here

Now, as a quick mentioning: I have one project in particular that I am working on, it is not related to any of my Half-Life mods or to the game itself, but it has as much importance to me, and I am also on something I will be cooking up for around 3 months that I will be posting sometime after, so now you can see how much things I am trying to manage at once (and I'm letting you imagine all the rest).

I hope this correctly resumes all progress concerning my mods, and about the confusion regarding them, for now.

And until next time, I wish you all a good summer.

-Ayydrian Sheepherd-

P.S. : I just spent 2 weeks out, and yeah that is some extra lost time

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Type X  -  Very Early Alpha

Type X - Very Early Alpha

Demo 3 comments

Very early alpha, obsolete, but you can get the idea.

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23-down - - 3,551 comments

Great idea. I'd love to see that mod. Of course I'm also a little skeptical, seeing how you start 1 mod after another without ever delivering anything not to mention the loss of your custom made SDK codes.

I recommend you purchase yourself an external HD or use a cloud to make backups of your work.

Btw: Check out this project:

They added the brown/orange beta Shock-trooper model and brought it up to specs of the default op4 model. Seeing how you're even adding red versions go for it and grab the beta model.

I wish you the upmost luck on this one. Nobody ever built a mod for Race X. That'll be truly unique. :)

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-Ayydrian-Sheepherd- Creator
-Ayydrian-Sheepherd- - - 62 comments

Thanks for it, yeah, I got messy with all the mods, I'll have to clean a bit up soon

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Mr.Maris - - 308 comments

What happened to the mod?

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-Ayydrian-Sheepherd- Creator
-Ayydrian-Sheepherd- - - 62 comments

Busy working on the Black Lambda engine mod, which will be a new base for it later.

However I've made a few tests on it, so I confirm it still exists.

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Guest - - 688,848 comments

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,498 comments

Would be beyond rad to be able to dual-wield human weapons due to the Shock Troopers 4 arms buuuut it would probably be more concise to keep it to a restricted Race-X arsenal.

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-Ayydrian-Sheepherd- Creator
-Ayydrian-Sheepherd- - - 62 comments

Welp, sure they wouldn't use the human arsenal...

...but they mastered the use of teleportation and (some) bio-organic weapons already

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Guest - - 688,848 comments

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Mr.Maris - - 308 comments

Wow someone still dared to make a mod for race x hehe actually it's cool dude I hope that your mod comes out and we all play for race x!

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No251 - - 18 comments


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