Twisted Insurrection is a critically acclaimed, standalone modification based on the Command & Conquer™ Tiberian Sun™ engine. It features a complete redesign of the original game, set in an alternate "what-if?" timeline where the Brotherhood of Nod was victorious during the first Tiberian War. Do you have what it takes to drag the shattered Global Defense Initiative out of ruin? Or will you crush all who oppose the will of Kane and his Inner Circle? The choice is yours commander.

RSS Forsaken Tech Structures

The Forsaken are a new tech faction that will appear in Twisted Insurrection. Capturing their structures will allow you to train and build their units.

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Welcome back Commander.

Today we take a closer look at a new faction that has recently emerged - calling themselves the Forsaken, they are a small but highly aggressive group composed solely of mutants, humans who somehow survive Tiberium toxemia at the cost of becoming human-Tiberium hybrids.

Recovered footage of a Forsaken outpost

Recovered footage of a Forsaken outpost, somewhere in the Yucatan Tiberium jungles.

Very little is known for certain about the Forsaken. The faction seems to have been founded and is largely populated by mutants who managed to escape Nod concentration camps, banding together as a natural means to survive. The Brotherhood is known to have rounded up and even artificially "breeding" mutants for their cyborg program, apparently in favor of the mutants' higher tolerance of pain and lower rejection to cybernetic prostheses.

Viewing themselves as a band of outcasts, the Forsaken bow to no-one and use any means necessary to get what they want. They have been raiding GDI- and GloboTech-protected settlements, even decimating armed convoys. This makes it clear the Forsaken are a force to be reckoned with.

To better understand and counter this threat, we will disclosing various Tech Buildings the Forsaken use to carry out their operations. Capturing these structures is advisable as they can be a great asset on the battlefield.

All Forsaken buildings seem to share one common feature: they are all energy-independent – in other words, they don't require power to operate.


Forsaken Hovel

Forsaken BarracksForsaken Barracks

The Forsaken Hovels are former military buildings that were abandoned at the end of the First Tiberium War, and later discovered and refurbished by the Forsaken. Due to their general lack of resources, the Forsaken are forced to make use of everything they can find, and so these barracks come in various shapes and sizes. One half of the hovel acts as the Forsaken's barracks, accommodating and training their militia. The other half acts as bestiary housing malformed lifeforms that they've managed to bend to their will.

Capturing a Forsaken Barracks will allow you to enlist their mercenaries.

  • Function: Infantry Production
  • Armour: Average


Forsaken Factory

Forsaken Factory

These old factories and warehouses have been recommissioned and retrofitted by the Forsaken to enable production of even their heaviest vehicles. They are surprisingly resilient despite their age.

Capturing a Forsaken Factory will allow production of Forsaken vehicles.

  • Function: Vehicle Production
  • Armour: Heavy


Forsaken Command Bunker

Forsaken Command Bunker

These fortified military structures are used as temporary command outposts by Forsaken warlords, officers and special forces.

Capturing a Forsaken Command Bunker will allow production of high-tech Forsaken units and calling for a Forsaken Ambush, where a team of mercenaries will arrive and attack the chosen target from underground.

  • Function: Unlocks Tech, Superweapon
  • Superweapon: Forsaken Ambush
  • Armour: Heavy


Forsaken Sentry Nest

Forsaken Sentry Nest

One of the most common Forsaken structures, these ramshackle bunkers are the primary Forsaken defensive structure. They can take a quite bit of pounding before going down.

Some Sentry Nests have been spotted with an anti-armor cannon installed on top. Caution is advised when approaching these defenses.

  • Function: Defense
  • Primary Weapon: Machine Gun
  • Armour: Average


Scavenged Defenses

The Forsaken are also commonly seen utilising defences from the last war.

This concludes the briefing. Good luck, Commander.

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Globotec, tiberium Dawn and now forsaken units and tec. You spoil us.

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Will the Forsaken be a new playable faction with campaign in the future? Or will they remain as a neutral party on maps to capture the structures of?
Because I'd love a Forsaken campaign.

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Crimsonum Author

They have a campaign in the works, but they will not be playable in multiplayer (least not in the foreseeable future).

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Kane Lives

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Interesting news, thanks for news, dude. :D

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interesting alternate history version of the Forgotten

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

I'd imagine the sentry nest isn't meant to be captured?

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ErastusMercy Creator

Oh but it can be, if you're sneaky enough.

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incredible, unique and greatest. glad to see TI's universe expanding storyline and open a new world! cheers.

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