Treasure Hunter is a HL2:EP2 multiplayer mod set in around 193X. Besides dodging the trap and

fight the treasure guardians(NPCs), each team have to prevent one another to achieve the treasure,
or get from them after killing them. If you are the one holding the treasure, you must escape from
the other team so that they can't kill you until you get to the safe area.


  • Round-based
  • Four teams consist of two players each, making co-operation with teammate is more important
  • Treasure guardians(NPCs) guarding treasure
  • Traps for you to dodge, or use them to fight against enemy
  • Puzzles
  • Gunfights and special weapons like toxic smoke bomb to stun, slowing enemy
  • Original sound track
  • Stunning scenarios, some of them are created from imaginary, while some of them are based on real place or history, for examples...
    Atlantis, with advance technology
    Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, with the Terracotta Army
    The Floating Island, supported by magic energy source
    ... and places like Maya and Egypt.

Development Team

  • GM127 - Mod Leader and Programmer
  • rookiehy2 - Lead Level designer, Concept, Model and Texture artist
  • Rytuklis (Rytis Liaučys) - OST Composer
  • leon.ladisic - Animation artist, Level designer


We need your help, in any aspect. We have already discuss many detail on levels for the mod. We also done some level design documents. But those are not confirmed and we do not want to post them here. Some gamepaly and game mechanics are still being discussed.

PM me (rookiehy2) if you are interested to join our development team.

RSS Articles

We started this mod at 15/6, that means we have worked already one month! We spend most of our time on planning and discussing the game mechanics. But of course something can be shown, I am here to show you the process.


First, we have already coded the round based system, treasure pickup and game rules.

Level design

Level design is a big section of the development process, we have discussed for many times on the layout and the flow of the maps.

Here is one example of a layout of a map, it is simple and symmetric. The circle are players spawn point, and the lines are the routes. At the past few days I was frustrated because this kind of layout is not fun for me, but at this moment I still tried to make this because we have to do experiment on it first. Now we planned to make varies game mode, so different maps layout can be tried and see which are fun.

Another layout we tried was a big cross, and the middle are the entrance of treasure room. At each route we put a lot of puzzle and NPCs. But we found that it is worse because it lacks interactive element in multiplayer game. The layout shown above is a little bit better then just a cross.

Here is a video showing some element I will add to the level:
Some gameplay concept - Mod DB

User Posted ImageUser Posted Image

The screenshot above are the level I currently working on. It is a Egypt themed level. Texture are from, and thanks Komaokc for the skybox texture.


In this mod we will have a theme music, which will be played in game menu. Moreover, we will have different introduction for each levels, and each introduction will use a unique music. We asked Rytuklis, a talented music composer, to compose music for us. He have already composed some sound track for our mod just after a few days I asked him. Make sure you check these out if you did not.


In the next month, we will finish planning on different gamemode and game mechanics completely. Then we will focus on weapons, characters and maps. We will recruit more member to work together. We will also have more new gamemode, we will have some modified ctf mode.


We are urgently in need of Concept Artists, both for environment and character concept. We also need Level Designers, and Modelers to make weapons and character. PM me if you want to join our development team.

Thanks for watching!


This seems to be dead. I talked with the project lead long time ago and they said they are no longer in interest of continuing this project....

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im tracking but id love to see more a nice concept has alot of potential.

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Certainly quite original.

...yeah i'll track this, I like the premise :P

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Looks interesting!

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