A Total Conversion Mod for Command and Conquer: Yuri's Revenge, combining the universes of the C&C series and popular japanese curtain-fire shooter: Touhou Project. The mod pits four factions, two teams each, into an all-out war for the mysterious, rapidly growing, yet highly valuable plant called "Gold Rice". The mod will be using Ares for the factions, extra Super Weapons (dubbed Spell Cards), and everything else deemed necessary. Touhou project © Team Shanghai Alice Command and Conquer © Electronic Arts and Westwood

Post news Report RSS January 21st, 2014 - Update of Affairs

Things seem a little bit more hopeful for my visions of the mod. Read more to see why.

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I would say "since", but after 3 days I grinded to a halt and took another break - which I think is fine considering all the work I got done in those 3 days. So, without further ado...

For the first three days after I made that news post, I was busy chipping away at things which needed to get done. I got quite a few things set up and in place. A few of the bigger changes were the changing of some already existing units and structures. The following things have been changed from the original mod.

  • Barracks now only requires a Construction Yard instead of both Construction Yard and Power Plants. To compensate, the Construction Yard provides a native 50 power.
  • The Scarlet Devil Mansion Doll Replicator was moved to the Forest of Magic as a Subfaction Specific building. I'll get into what each faction has as subfaction specific buildings below, as for why the building was moved.
  • The Brewery was made a Hakurei Shrine Subfaction Specific building.
  • The Lunarian Forge is now a Lunar Capital Subfaction Specific Building.
  • The bug where Komachi could not be built from the Sanzu River Docks has been fixed.
  • Koakuma was changed from a Melee-Range Infantry to a Anti Air Infantry. A weaker version of the Elemental Tank, she is now known as the Koakuma Spellcaster. We were originally going to make the spellcaster it's own unit, but we decided Koakuma would make better use of it because her role seemed kinda... odd.

As mentioned above, there are now Subfaction Specific buildings. Each subfaction gets its own unique building, which is sort of a representation of that subfaction. These are all already implemented into the game, some just need additional tweaking and non-placeholder graphics. With 8 different buildings in all, here is a list of each building and what they will do.

  • Hakurei Shrine - Brewey: The Hakurei Shrine Brewery was designed by Suika as a way to refine the Golden Rice into a Sake product that rivaled all others. The income gathered by the Sake was then used to help fund the war effort. (The Brewery works the same way as the Allied Ore Purifier)
  • Forest of Magic - Doll Replicator: The Doll Replicator was mostly Alice's brain child, but Marisa assisted in the process of making it. When an infantry is trained from the Barracks, the Doll Replicator is designed to pull one of Alice's blank dolls off a shelf and turn it into an exact clone of the infantry being trained. (The Doll Replicator works the same way as the Yuri Cloning Vats)
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion - Gigalithic Refinery and Gigalithic Harvester: The Gigalithic Refinery and Harvester were crafted midway through the war when Remilia declared Rice Harvesting even higher priority with all the groups trying to harvest it as well. It is a sprawling building which allows the dumping of massive Rice quantities at once. The Gigalithic Harvester, a harvester with a much larger storage capacity, thicker armor, and small weapons system. hoowever, was to big to deploy at the refinery, so a commander must build a Harvester from the War Factory for the refinery to be taken full advantage of. Only one of each can be built. (Literally a Refinery and upgraded Harvester. The Gigalithic Harvester can only dock at the Gigalitic Refinery, making it imperative to protect both)
  • Chireiden - Third Eye Sensor: Developed long before the war by Satori as a way for the Underground Leaders to keep a close eye on the Underground and ensure nothing shady was going on. During the war, it was used to detect any enemy troop movement that would lead within it's detection array. (The Third Eye Sensor works the same way as the Soviet Psychic Sensor/Yuri Psychic Radar)
  • Kappa - Disruption Generator: Kappa are the masters of Camouflage Technology in Gensokyo, and they put that skill to use with the Disruption Generator. The Disruption Generator puts any allied unit under its radius into a KC-Field (Kappa Camouflage). The only drawback is, in the Kappa's oversight, they had to sacrifice camouflaging the building itself over cloaking everything else. (The Kappa Disruption Generator works- will work the same way as the Nod Disruption Tower from Tiberium Wars)
  • Moriya Shrine - Industrial Plant: Kanako is well versed in the ways of Waring Times, both feudal and modern, so she understands the needs of an army. With her Industrial Plant, they can automate the production of Vehicles, making them much faster to deploy, and since it gives the Kappa less to work on, makes them cheaper to produce. (The Youkai Mountain Industrial Plant works the same way as the Soviet Industrial Plant)
  • Eientei - Branch Clinic: Back after the Imperishable Night Incident, Eirin opened up Eientei to the general public as a medical facility. Once the demand became so large, she began sending her disciples to various villages to set up branching medical facilities for smaller tasks, such as medicine retrieval. However, during the war, these saw different, albeit similar, uses. When constructed, it provides supplies to infantry on the battlefield to keep them sharp and healthy, and ready for combat. (The Eientei Branch Clinic works the same way as a Civilian Hospital)
  • Lunar Capital - Forge: With their array of tanks and warships, the Lunar Capital needed a way to keep them in working order on the battlefield. Yorihime, leader of the Defense corps, enacted a policy that special mechanics should be trained at the forge and deployed in every tank and warship they had to keep them working of they fell under attack. (The Forge works the same way as a Civilian Machine Shop)

As one can see, there is going to be some mechanics in play that weren't in play before. There are several other things which I've got planned that aren't listed in great detail, but progress is moving forward.

There is more news, however. Just the other day, I managed to conscript two of my friends to help work on graphics for the mod - both 3D Modelers. They both have school, but both are willing to help
when they can, especially since it can count as experience on a resume. This is a huge load off my mind, but the weight is still there.

Things for the mod seem to be looking up, and there's no better place to go than forward. Time to keep pushing on for this project! Derxwna out.


Glad to see things moving forward!

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DerxwnaKapsyla Author

Thanks! It's slow, but so long as I have the drive and passion the game will not die, won't allow it.

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