A Total Conversion Mod for Command and Conquer: Yuri's Revenge, combining the universes of the C&C series and popular japanese curtain-fire shooter: Touhou Project. The mod pits four factions, two teams each, into an all-out war for the mysterious, rapidly growing, yet highly valuable plant called "Gold Rice". The mod will be using Ares for the factions, extra Super Weapons (dubbed Spell Cards), and everything else deemed necessary. Touhou project © Team Shanghai Alice Command and Conquer © Electronic Arts and Westwood

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Lunar Defense Corps - Ursa Hover Tank
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Name: Ursa Hover Tank

Classification: Tier 1 Main Battle Tank, Anti Armor

Description: The Ursa Hover Tank is the Lunar Capital's answers to stopping the advancing Youkai Mountain tank rushes. Their Orions and Atlas tanks weren't cutting the job, so the Ursa was moved to the front line to deal with the onslaught of tanks coming their way. The Ursa shoots a plasma bolt from its turret, which pierces armor handily and begins to wreak havoc on internal systems. Unfortunately, the plasma bolts aren't all that effective against infantry, so it leaves the infantry attacking to the Orion and its laser-based attacks.

The Ursa was a splice job combining two community made voxels. The first one is Azri Apoc's Hover Tank, using the turret from it, Yrarg.cncguild.net, and the other was the chassis of the Slingshot voxel made by Bu7loos, Yrarg.cncguild.net. The recoloring and splicing was done by Ichorheart.

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