This total overhaul of Rome:Total War is based upon the Second World War. It contains historical battle locations on different fronts.

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This mod is of course not finished, but the attention to detail in this early release surpassed my expectations. It's clear this is a project that much love and passion has gone into.

Awesome mod, I had never seen something like this until now, it is just impressive in all the aspects


This is a very ambitious mod. It sets out to take a game about the rise of Rome and turn it into a game about World War 2. The world map is very impressive (some odd choices of cities notwithstanding).

However, there is such a thing as too ambitious. The Total War games are very heavily focused on the idea of a pitched, set-piece battle, the idea that a battle conveniently takes place within a very specific area, no more than a few miles from one side to the other. Trying to turn a game like that to simulating world war two is like trying to turn the Sims into Crusader Kings; the basics are there, but the game just isn't built for it.

This mod is an almost complete failure. Despite being "version 1.0," the "release version," it's completely unfinished. Many screens still talk about how your commanders are "true Romans" and most buildings still have the original images and descriptions. In battles, units are almost uncontrollable (especially aircraft, which seem to ignore my orders entirely) and will fire from halfway across the map, making positioning largely irrelevant. Since positioning and manoeuvring is the main area in which Total War games really shine, this is inexcusable.

Total War: 1942 is not a bad mod. It's an unfinished mod which attempts to turn Rome: Total War into something it was never designed to be, and fails horrifically. If you have any respect for either the Total War series, or for World War 2, I urge you not to get this mod. Even if it's been updated since this review, the problems aren't something that can be fixed by a few patches. Sure, they can finish it more, but that won't solve the underlying problem that the game just isn't designed for it.

This mod demonstrates the success of a great deal of work and creativity to let us play Total War in a new era

A very ambitious and impressive project, these types of mods are often thought mistakenly to be impossible for the earlier TW games, but mods such as this go far to show one the potential of the engine.

There are still quite a few clunky and broken mechanics, particularly on the battle map and during sieges but for a 1.0 release those are understandable. The campaign also has some bugs here and there, so hopefully we will see it polished in future versions.

One of the best mods for Rome Total War, absolutely stunning.
It does have some issues, yes, but they pretty much pale when compared to how FRICKIN BLOODY AWESOME and successful and addictive it is in spite of bugs and engine limitations.


This oddly is pretty impresive for the fact that is ww2 in a total war game, not only that but rome tota war. Nice job.


interesting concept

Of course, considering it's in Rome there is a bit of clunkiness to it and while it doesn't crash as much as it used to, it does definitely still have some issues of constant crashing at times. I still put so much time into the campaign and really enjoyed it though. It's an ambitious effort and I love it to bits, but just due to it's occassional instability I bump it down to a 7.

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This mod is of course not finished, but the attention to detail in this early release surpassed my expectations. It's clear this is a project that much love and passion has gone into.

May 4 2019 by BHL_20