What if the United States of America travelled back in time to 1936? This mod tries to answer this question. ----FEATURES---- -A new focus tree for the United States! Go with Joe Biden or Donald Trump, start a second American civil war, establish the Fourth Rome, proclaim the American Kaiserreich, embrace Radical Centrism, start a new American revolution, or embrace anarcho-capitalism! -A lot of new decisions and mechanics! Develop a vaccine and destroy the Coronavirus, manage the political groups in your country, and more! -New generals and advisors! -A new focus tree for Nicaragua. Joakim Jonguez Umberto, a "nicaraguan" revolutionary, will dominate America and Korea! -A new focus tree for Venezuela. Start a bolivarian revolution with Nicolas Maduro, dominate South America, and destroy the capitalist american bastards! -A lot of fun! Special thanks to TheRealJoeBiden, Reals, Atom596 and big papa for helping me with the mod!

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