Time in Country (TiC) is a BFV mod developed by =RTR= Rocky Top Raiders that expands the existing game by adding more realism and new maps based on historical battles. The new maps are accurate to the terrain associated with the battles and the weapons are more in line with the Vietnam experience.

The idea of combining urban combat and air support is also included along with several new features such as destructable walls, exploding fuel storage tanks and other items. Level 1 tunnel systems provide initial new tunnel experiences and Level 2 tunnel system are expanded to provide a more realistic feel as you travel down several tunnel levels. Caves are also introduced in some maps.

Bot support is a part of all maps and many of the standard BFV vehicles are added to to bot maps that have not been seen before. Other aspects of the game have been modified. Support (engineers) now carry ammo and can reload other team members. Classes have been redefined to better match the scenario (no SA-7 class for non-aircraft maps). Weapons caches are also added to allow for changing weapons set in mid battle.

Currently five new maps are available:
My Son (Urban combat south of DaNang)
Firebase Charlie (Firebase in the central Highlands and major supporting air base)
Operation Big Ears (Listening centers near the Cambodian border)
Binh Thanh (ARVN versus VC in the Iron Triangle pre-Tet)
Vietnam (Just a flat out fun shoot fest)
Newest addition: Esso Depot (Intense ground action to keep from losing Lien Chieu Depot)

Updates to the current version will add up to seven new historical maps (Kontum will be a three map set), expand structures, weapons and vehicles and refine existing maps to incorporate lessons learned.

See our Website www.rscsite.com/rockytop and select Time in Country Tab for up to date details, screen shots and video

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Finally Getting Back


After a long delay and the interference of the REAL WORLD JOB, I hope we can get back to updating this mod. Work and life has really taken a toll on my free time as of late but I think I see some time on the horizon. Back to the heart of the next update. A tunnel map with the ability to do bots and a bunch of other neat stuff like traps. Promise to anyone who notices to do a better job on keeping all informed. BTW, the website has been down due to a complete rebuild of the network. Probably will return this weekend.

Install and Play Error Fixed


A revised download for TiC 1.03 Build 310 is on our server for download effective 11:25am EDT that corrects the installshield error that placed files...

TiC Installer for Version 1.03 Build 310


There appears to be an error in the installshield installer and it fails put the files into the created "Time_in_Country" folder. Please refer...

TiC Version 1.03 Build 310 Available


The new version of TiC is now available on our site at in Country Mod_R1.aspx

Release of 1.03 Scheduled


After testing on the test server during the weekend and cleaning up some bugs, TiC mod version 1.03 has been released to our game server (

Juku80002 - - 461 comments

where is the download place?give me a link pls!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
gwar - - 3 comments

WHERE ARE THE #@%$&&!! FILES?????

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Flyerborn - - 11 comments

Has anyone ever tried google?? I found this on my first search...

Just follow the link and when all else fails... Try Google! ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
andman3000 - - 6 comments

how big is the download at the main site? it seems to take foreever.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
renegadekiller - - 1,319 comments

every time it says released it won't upload a file to download.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
M00_Juice - - 12 comments

looking forward to a realease

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