Tidal Wars is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour that will bring you the new genuine naval warfare. Sets in alternate version of the Generals universe, after the event of the original game, the unstopping threat from GLA remnants pushes US Navy to take a daring decision, with the invention from Evans Corporation, the conflict enters a new chapter.

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The two armies of the USA and China had a meeting on Iloilo City, Philippines. Meanwhile, GLA-assisted local freedom movement are already prepared to execute their plan.

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End of February 202x
Somewhere in Southern Philippines

Filipina Freedom Movement (FFM) is a lesser-known radical party in Philippines that was trying to make their homeland be independent from foreign control. In one of the hideouts, the FFM leader Sulama Rafeeda is reading the radio broadcast and message reports from across the country about the advancement of both the US and PLA forces. The two superpowers were looking for GLA splinter cells, but he was not convinced by this. This is the first time he heard about GLA or any of its affiliates in Philippines, both USA and China must be using it to cover their real agenda.

He was worried and scared of the events in Philippines. The news from the media and paper rewrites of radio broadcasts were extremely grim. PLA was sending more men and equipment to keep the "search for GLA active", and Americans were positioning their garrisons in the cities across the islands, both armies taking the guise of "rooting out the GLA". Rafeeda feared that this was just a masqueraded takeover and dividing Philippines or a prelude to war that at any rate Philippines will turn into a warzone which will make the land devastated, deprived of all resources and stroke by poverty, riots and gang fights. No matter what the pro-American political experts were saying, the end of free Philippines was at the end if nothing changes.

Although FFM was gaining more recruits, if he wanted the open hostility to have a chance of success it was not enough, nor was the battle plans they preparing were particularly well. Too much inexperience was at the fault, as well as insurmountable numerical advantage of the US Army and PLA forces, as well as technological superiority.
"Sir, we just received a radio transmission, but it is not from one of our own." Called unexpectedly the radio operator in the base towards Rafeeda.
"Is it the Philippine Army, Americans or Chinese secret police?"
"No sir. Please, you have to hear this for yourself."
The mild rustle in the room ceased as everyone watched Rafeeda took the radio earphone.
"Who is it on the line?" Asked the leader.
"General Mohmar."
Rafeeda turned pale after hearing these words, incapable of speech in an instant. It is Mohmar, better known as General Deathstrike, the leader of the GLA and number one most wanted person on the world.
"What do you want? Why did you contacted us?"
"To offer you a chance to give the invaders of your nation the kick that they deserve. Your country is in danger, and I am sure you know this too."

Rafeeda had to admit it was true, but he held reservation towards the GLA, as these guys were only causing problem despite them claiming to be "liberation army". Should he take this offer, he knew it would be for a price.
"If I will, theoretically, take your offer, what would you have from it?"
A short amused laugh was heard, than the tyrant spoke with amusement. "You are very clever. I will have from it that the US and Chinese will be at each other throat. The tension between these two is something that sooner or later would escalate into a war. And I prefer it to be sooner."

March 202x
Iloilo, Central Philippines

The two armies of the USA and China had a meeting on Iloilo City, meanwhile the FFM operatives are already prepared to execute the plan designed by General Mohmar.

One such group of fourteen FFM armed men was moving to Chinese artillery battery, with five Inferno Cannons and one platoon of Red Guards guarding it. The artillery battery was located in another part of the city, and that was a mistake PLA have made, as they will find soon enough. FFM troops were slowly moving in. With such swift move, they managed to launch an ambush that completely caught the Chinese troops off-guard.

FFM men have quickly secured the area, and their sniper also did his job as the Chinese radio operator was nullified. It was crucial that the enemy don't know about the attack on the artillery battery till the last moment. Without any delay, the team raided one of the Inferno Cannons. Soon the barrel started lifting as it was preparing to bring some fire.

In the suburbans where the US Forces had their camp, the relaxed silence was interrupted by the first whistling which was getting louder and louder until it culminated in a fire explosion. Everyone in the US camp froze in their tracks and watched the fire that engulfed their armored cars, unable to comprehend what just happened. Soon second whistling made a fire ball out of a supply depot. The situation on the camp turned into a chaos.

In another part of the city a squad of Red Guards were standing outside a block of houses looking for presence of anything that looked like it may have been affiliated with GLA. A group of FFM troops were moving in to the Red Guards outside, dressed in complete American Ranger outfits and assault rifles which they have stolen from American supply surplus. The group then opened fire on the unsuspecting Chinese. Although this won't kill everyone this was only meant as distraction for the Chinese troops. The FFM quickly left the area and left behind several empty magazines from their assault rifles.

The events were happened in a quick succession. Confusion among American and Chinese forces was absolute as the FFM conducted many attacks on both sides while pretending to be the other to make the appearance of mutual hostilities more than believable. They were real. The armies soon, in the heat of the moment, were engaging in combat. Iloilo have become a battlefield. The commanders were brought by the flow of emotions and no one could stop the fighting at this moment.

The Philippine War has just began.

PT Boat

Ever since the GLA was created it tried to spread its influence everywhere. While it got successes on the surface, the true majority of their naval force was composed of a bunch of pirate crews that were not that all interest in the terrorist organization's ideals and goals. While GLA got several naval victories such as sinking the American aircraft carrier USS Nelsen, it was because of Juhziz's bombing action than any operation of their ships. Realizing this problem, GLA commanders and generals started jury-rigging old and small boats, adding to them small torpedo tubes and defense weapons, making it an improvised fast combat vessel that can deal some serious blows to the enemy navies.

The PT Boat is small, fast and cheap navalcraft of the GLA, serving as their main naval craft that can be easily made and maintained, and packing an adequate weaponry to engage the larger military vessels of the US Navy and PLAN. Four torpedo launchers on the sides makes its anti-ship role much easier to do, and to top it of the crews are mounting on the deck in majority of cases a machine guns which are pretty weak against the ship armor plating, but are ideal for attacking amphibious units, being it a hovercraft, Troop Crawler or swimming commandos. However, it shall be noted that PT Boat is still just a small boat, meaning that even one well placed shot from a destroyer can tear the boat into thousand pieces. On top of that, PT Boat can transport small team of infantry man across the water, delivering them for a surprising ambush from the beaches.

Rocket Jetski

It is a sad, if ironic memory, that the consequences of the Hong Kong battle could make such impact on the future GLA naval operations. In the opening stages of the Chinese counteroffensive to destroy the Convention Center, group of Rebels took several jetskis in their crazed state, and decided to join the battle themselves. Taking several rocket launchers from their buggies, the RPGs or any other rockets they could get their hands on, they welded them onto the jetski and than set sail and harassed the Chinese ground forces which were trying to approach to the Convention Center by the Tsing Yi Bridge as reinforcements to the forces which made it across before the destruction of Tsing Ma Bridge. The rocket barrages unleashed by the raiding Rebels delayed Chinese forces for enough time that the remains of the other Chinese forces had a hard time in rooting out GLA from the island.

This crazed idea found a fertile land among the pirates and sailors that sympathized with the GLA, and when the GLA stroke again, the Rocket Jetski were among the notorious harassers, using their rockets to hit the enemy ships hard as they were speeding among them. Thought the casually rates among them according to both American and Chinese intelligences are staggering, but the fanatical zeal of the rebels is unshakable.

Greetings our faithful fans and followers, n5p29 here.

Thank you for those who still keep tracking our mod progress, and welcome for those who just know about this mod.

Right now I want to share some things with you about this mod development. Many of you asked "Why updates taking so long?", "Is this mod still alive?", "Dead?". Well, that is reasonable since our last update was almost a year ago. And that last update was an April Fools joke about anime girls didn't make the situation better either.

This update was planned to be published on July 2014, but on June I got a call that I was hired in an IT company. The work was fine, I was doing good, the place was nice, but I hardly have spare time to spend in my hobbies, thus I put this mod into hiatus for indefinite time that time. It became more stressing enough that in the end of year I decided to quit and moved to a new job that I feel more relaxed. So well yeah, I finally got my time to continue this mod development and now we're back on the roll.

In the meantime, we've launched our new website. It's not quite complete yet, but there you can find our mod recent updates and basic information. And as we noticed our wiki server had been shut down some time ago this website will also serves as our wiki replacement where it will provide you information about the mod unit arsenal and stats later on, in addition of useful ZH modding tutorials as well. We've also made our official Facebook fanpage in order to reach our fans easier. So check the buttons below. Click the ship wheel button to visit our new homepage, click the speech bubble button to visit our forum, and the Facebook button to visit our new Facebook fanpage. Now spread the word and wish us luck. See you in the next update!


I'm glad the Mod is not dead, because the idea is simply brilliant and worthy story of a movie

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glad you still updating :)

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V.Metalic Creator

We never said we are quitting, instead were saying we are still active, thought busy with our own stuff. Dont worry, we have no plans in quitting ;) In fact we are now behind one half of work we set for ourselves for the first release (dont ask when, the answer is still the same), so we will continue on. My hope :)

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Man, this is what I like best about SWR mods, the tiny bits of lore that make the mods so much bigger :D
...and kinda surprising seeing my country as part of it hahaha.

One thing though, I'm pretty sure "Filipina" is the feminine version of "Filipino", of which the latter is also used to refer to the people as a whole. Uh, not really something major, but might be a typo?

Hope to see more lore yeah~

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n5p29 Author

well thank you, kusoTTK. :)
but this mod is just being hosted at SWR forum like the Deep Impact mod, we're a different developer team, not the SWR themselves.

about the name, since we just don't want to use real organization name we just came with something fictional. this name was chosen just because it sounds/feels/rhymes better.

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Nice jetski! Just wondering if you are going to bring in discarded ROTR sea units?

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Realy nice work I hope ..
Cant wait to play it :)

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Where is the download link ??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

The site or the MODDB page dose not seem to have the files to download the mod. Odd

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And extreeeeemly annoying

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