Hey all, welcome to Tiberium Insanity mod page! This mod includes alot of changes and bug fixes, so any feedback will be greatly appreciated! One of the major things that I have done is removing all sub factions (you still do get the sub faction units, they are included in the main faction) Good luck playing this mod Commander.

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I have made a few changes to gdi, as well as nod. Here is what i have done so far, i am not done yet though.

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progression on the mod is being made and i have accomplished alot of things, making changes to nod and to gdi, here is what has been done so far

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changed most of the nod lasers from being the standard old laser to the particle beam. however i do plan on having them shoot the supercharged particle beams instead, tell me if any of you would prefer the supercharged over this one.

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20190814041437 1

2 new upgrades for gdi, i wanted to make something unique so i thought of a couple upgrades but these 2 seemed like the best 2 upgrades that would be implemented

and also a new sniper!

20190814042502 2

they now deal alot of damage to tanks, might rename them later to anti-tank sniper team or whatever, their range is a bit less than a behemoth, low rate of fire, and long lockdown on target(time it takes for them to start firing so they fire straight away)

for nod now, secret shrine heals infantry as i made it their 'armory'

and voice of kane or kane's statue can be infinitely built

20190813184655 1i also have a new upgrade for nod's operation center

20190811221246 2and yeah that's it! if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them and i will gladly try to get every idea into play as i possibly can.

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