Tiberian Sun Rising was a total conversion for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars! Tierian Sun RIsing brings back GDI and Nod battleing it out during the Second Tiberium War, retelling Tiberian Sun as never before. This isn't just a remake of the hit title C&C Tiberian Sun. It is a mod making Tiberian Sun as it should have been originally so expect lots of new fun and originality while sticking to the feel Tiberian Sun had. Taking the mindset that this is the first time Tiberian Sun is being made and using the original game as a design concept. This mod will also include the additions made in Firestorm so it is a remake of Tiberian Sun and Firestorm as one to what they should have been.New abilities and units will appear in Tiberian Sun Rising as well as new kind of gameplay altogether...

RSS Tiberian Sun Rising - "The World is Transforming Itself"

Transformation is here! The world is transforming itself, into an Eden a paradise awaiting the birth of a new race! Watch as Tiberium spreads and mutates the world around it. Some new toys the Fist of Nod, Nods terrifying Mobile War Factory in action and GDI's Drop Pod reinforcements.

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Welcome Back, Commanders! Apologise for the wait on this update we've been working very hard behind the scenes on the Tiberium aspects of Tiberian Sun Rising. Now finally Transformation has arrived! Here we present the shape of things to come1 If you like this update please vote for us in Mod of the Year!

Transformation is here!

Welcome to the Wildlife

The Blue Tiberium Fiend in its natural habitat is heavily armoured and able to fire explosive blue Tiberium Shards if you thought a pack of Green Tiberium Fiends was deadly just hope you only run into one of these monsters. What makes them truly terrifying to fight while inside a Blue Tiberium field is their crystal shards can trigger Chain Reactions which their armour and Tibeirum's healing effects will mostly protect them from. Blue Tiberium just got that much harder to mine and secure for your forces.

Vote Tiberian Sun Rising for Mod of the Year! 2018!

The world is transforming itself, into an Eden a paradise awaiting the birth of a new race!

Welcome to the WildlifeWelcome to the WildlifeJericho Region

Tiberium spreads and continues to mutate the environment around it we are seeing the emergence of new Tiberium Flora which purpose in the Tiberium Ecosystem is still being observed. The big terror that has been unleashing lately has been the Vein Hole Monsters. These monstrous creatures emerge from the ground with gigantic tentacles that can attack and thrash anything that gets too close. It then spreads a field of smaller Vein tentacles that act as a defensive mechanism while also storing precious Tiberium Gas which can be mined by the Brotherhoods Waste Facility.

Drop Pod Reinforcements Spotted

Re-inforcement have arrived

The Drop Pod deployments from the Philadelphia Space Station have proved to be a great success. GDI can now deploy veteran troops anywhere in the world where its needed against either the Brotherhood or the Tiberium menace.

Fist of Nod Detected

Fist of Nod readyFist of Nod readyJericho Region

Nod's Mobile Weapons Factory the FIst of Nod has been spotted in the field, Nod already had an edge with its Stealth technology and Stealth Generators. But now they don't even need a base in the area as long as they have the credits and a Fist of Nod. Nod can produce vehicles anywhere on the battlefield. If you thought Nod was sneaky before their movements are harder to predict then ever now.

That's all we have to show this update, Make sure to vote for us for Mod of the Year! The Tiberian Sun is on the RIse!.


Alright voted mate ;)

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Congrats on the update! Awesome to see old members of the TDR Mod team have been recruited to help get this Mod out the door finally. Voted!

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This is awesome. :)

Just to clarify:
The dynamic growing Tiberium environment you've mentioned is working as intended?

Also, which other important features still need to be finished before a first public release is possible?

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MrTimm Creator

The dynamic growing Tiberium environment you've mentioned is working as intended?

This "Dynamic Growing Tib" works as followed. When a Cluster of tiberium is destroyed or a unit containing Tiberium, like the harverster and the Nod cyborgs "the cyborgs can heal in tiberium" they will leave a small cluster of tiberium which will then grow out to be a normal tiberium field or even larger.

Some untouched Tib fields Blue or Green doesnt matter, will also grow out to be a **** storm for infantry gameplay, also it will convert normal enviroments like tree's into tiberium infected tree's. The first Screenshot shows you what happens when tiberium touch none infected live forms.

which other important features still need to be finished before a first public release is possible?

We are still working on gameplay performance as you can imagine this growing world of tiberium would eat allot of CPU and in my case crashed the game often. Second thing we are working on are some art assets, that needs to be textured and or uvmapped.

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**** yeah buddy, this is EPIC!

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Amazing update! Tiberian sun has risen! Keep up the great work guys (I really like the lifeforms, its pure ART!!!).

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When the mod will be available to download?

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