Tiberian Sun Retro Tiberian Sun Retro makes Tiberian Sun as it should have been. -New Articial Intelligence that should put even experienced players of Tiberian Sun to a new challenge. -Over 15 high quality new maps with many new features (of which are not in standard WW maps) that let you explore the tiberium world. -Fans of original C&C should feel being home with classic units like the Mammoth Tank and Mobile Artillery. -New technologies and abilities allowing players to create new destructive tactics -Mutant commandos consist of members of the Forgotten, who tend to support the people who gives what they want. They specialize in guerilla tactics and warfare. -Spy on enemies with Nod's stealthy Chameleon Spy infantry. -Spread the message of Kane and call storms of Tiberium Meteors to Earth with the Pyramid of Nod. Dropship Reinforcements Loadout in Single Player Mode Mutant Commandos: Umagon, Ghost Stalker, Tratos Meteor Storm Well over 350 new Sound Effects Painstaiking amounts...

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