Tiberian Sun Remastered is Tiberian Sun gameplay improving mod.

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Oct 30 2011 Anchor

I've been playing your mod and I have some opinions, of course everything aiming to be constructive criticism and to help you improving the mod. Here I go:
- You said your mod tries to be realistic, well, it isn't: a tank takes hours to kill a soldier and the artillery doesn't kill soldiers instantly. But maybe you did this on purpose to maintain balance in gameplay... otherwise, I suggest you could make the tank weapons innacurate but lethal against soldiers, I think that's more realistic... just thinking around :P
- Subterranean APC has its drill too short. Everything else in that voxel I like it.
- Hover MLRS's body is too short in comparison to the turret, it's not like the renders.
- Gameplay is not really improved as there's no new AI. And I could help you with this, maybe even become your official AI coder (I've always wanted to improve vanilla TS's AI).

Nov 20 2011 Anchor

Thank you for your criticism but this mod is far from ready
1.yes, its not realistic when tank takes hours to kill infantry but Ive not edited the weapons yet.
2.and subterranean apc is like its icon (it really has a short drill)
3.MLRS size is in progress
4.the AI is last in my list so when the time comes Ill pm you to help me with that, Thanks.

Nov 20 2011 Anchor

2.3. Great!!
4. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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