Third Age - Total War is a total conversion for 'Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms Expansion' that brings you into the world of Middle-earth.

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Jul 6 2008 Anchor

Ask your questions about Third Age Total War here.

Jul 10 2008 Anchor

Are there some pictures of dwarvens? Pls release some!!
Or are they still in work?

Jul 23 2008 Anchor

you guys need to post your updates as "News" with lots of pictures and some accompanying text. That way it can be featured on the front page and we can start getting some real attention.

Jul 24 2008 Anchor

sorry for the lack of update guys, I'm in the process of moving so I haven't been able to update this site for a while, we just released our Harad Preview.

@JmCw, no dwarven models have been made.......yet. ;)

Jul 26 2008 Anchor

Ok this is just insane, it looks so good. It looks even better than the total war medeival war II game. And if it's released it could even be even more populuar. I hope you don't cancel this. I will buy medeival total war II only because of this awesome looking mod. And now for my questions:
1. How many are you working on this?
2. It's still running right?

And don't give up, the reason this forum is dead is because no one knows this mod exists. I just found it a minute ago, and I had never heard of it before. Keep up the great work. By the way, will you be able to play as some heroes like gandalf or will there be a battalion of nazguls? That would be awesome!

Looking forward to this mod

Aug 6 2008 Anchor

I agree with BooBoo if get some attention we can get more Modders and maybe a Youtube video, [P.S. i'm not a modder]

Sep 1 2008 Anchor

We currently have 30+ people involved in this project alone, we are working on the pre-beta right now, I'll post some news soon.

btw, the dwarven faction is being worked on as we speak. ;)

Sep 7 2008 Anchor

good to hear that it isnt dead yet, would be a downfall shame, its really pro work you got there :)

Nov 27 2008 Anchor

jo guys, i just want to know if someone is still working at this mod.
In my opinion its more fantastic than the game M:TW2. so keep up working, we┬┤ll want to see the hole great work :D

Nov 27 2008 Anchor

you need to check to check the Total War Center Forums ( ) that's where all the action is.

Dec 1 2008 Anchor

HI, i was just wondering, when you think it will be ready?
ps mod looks great

Dec 9 2008 Anchor

this mod will be great!!
i'm sure of that!

Jan 4 2009 Anchor

i agree with sjoschi...

in recruiting troops will there be the just one build slor or is there going to be more

also can u change cities to forts(vice versa)
forts to cities

can someone update the progress...plz?

1 more...are you going to put LOTR music in this mod/game?

u guys should try and publish this could be an expansion pack!:thumbup:

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

I believe that there are several slots in advanced cities and castles. It's possible to turn cities into castles and castles into cities. Unfortunately we can't use full tracks from movies but we have few people working on our music section and they have found some amazing non-copyrighted songs which we can use without any legal troubles. :)

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

ok thanks for awnsering my question!

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

No problem! ;)

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

:thumbup:keep up the good work...this'll probably be better than MTW2 itself!

are u guys going to try and make the cities from books/movies actually look like that?

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

Modding of MII:TW battle map buildings is still in very early stage and it's very hard process. Making of 3D models of buildings isn't hard but importing them into game and making them work is. Anyway we will retexture some buildings: white walls for Kingdom of Gondor, black walls for Mordor, Isengard and Orcs of Misty Mountains...

Jan 5 2009 Anchor

kool...wut about elves and rohan?

rohans should be the old rogh stone rock thats grayis/blackish

elves should be...well i dont know what elves walls should look like!:P

hows isengard cumming?

Jan 6 2009 Anchor

Alletun is making Isengard and he makes same quality units as King Kong. ;)

Jan 7 2009 Anchor

great...csn't wait...well I'll have LOTR Conquest to play before it is released.
u estimated feb.?...wright?

Jan 7 2009 Anchor

Yup, February or little later. :)

Jan 7 2009 Anchor


can the nxt preveiw be of Silvan Elves or Isengard?


Jan 12 2009 Anchor

What music, sound effects and voice acting will you be using? This mod is probably using a lot of copyright names and designs already but I suppose it doesn't matter because it's free. Surely using the music from the films and perhaps some sound clips (for unit voices and the like) from the game would attract some unwanted attention?

Regardless, I'd love for there to be sounds and music from the films, it would make the game feel much more complete and immersive and the music from the films is incredibly good.

Can't wait for this mod though, it's one of the reasons I picked up Medieval II for Christmas this year.

Want to see Isengard next! I love the Uruk-Hai. So evil and yet so regimented and disciplined... sort of.


Jan 12 2009 Anchor

Don't worry, our music section is working hard on finding non-copyrighted music and they've done great so far. Music which they have gathered is even better than movie soundtracks. We will be using some voices from BFME I and II and movies but they re so short that we are allowed to use them. ;)

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