Thieving Bastard's Trade Mod

- Adds some trade routes and makes the map more logical.
- Highly improving historical trade powers like Novgorod, Byzantium, Japan, Venezia etc.
- Being England isn't an instant-win trade button anymore. HOORAY FOR MAYHEM!

- Tries to remain as historically accurate as possible, still adding trade steering possibilities.
- Fixed few bugs on the vanilla trade map.
- If you absolutely hate some route in the mod, just delete the specific "outgoing={ xxx }" section from the node it originates in the file "\TBTrade\common\tradenodes\tradenodes.txt". Please use Notepad++ or similar instead of Notepad to avoid errors.
- If you find something naughty on the mod or have some forlorn hopes, post 'em here.
- This is FBF-Mod (Freedom By Fist), meaning you can use, incorporate, distribute, rip, abuse, hack with axe or ejaculate with it how ever you prefer.
- However when using, adding some glory into the fields of texts would be preferred, if not, Go Fornicate Thyself.
- Also if thou maketh some geld with it, I shalt have mein tithe or thou shalt Go Fornicate Thee.

- Version 1.0 made for Europa Universalis IV 1.19.2 (Denmark).

- Only touches the trade nodes and their positioning, so shouldn't conflict with most other mods.
- Probably conflicts with any mod changing the map or province borders. However, you can either manually copy-paste all the new routes from the file "00_tradenodes.txt" in the trade mod an place them into the same file in the conflicting mod or add the new provinces under the right trade node.

Just extract the files in the rar to your mod folder, which is something like:
"C:\Games\Europa Universalis IV\mod".

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Version 1.1

+ Malacca-Gulf of Aden (To make Alexandria/Suez Canal route more competitive against route around Africa for Asian trade flow towards Europa, as it should be)

* Added all wasteland plots to belong to nearest trade node for map-clarity (Although the game engine doesn't seem to recognize this, but helps those who use Clausewitz Editor).
* Adjusted trade route positioning for more clarity, especially in mediterranean.

Version 1.0

- Kongo-Zambesi
+ Zambesi-Kongo
(Changed direction for more possibilities)

+ Kongo-Zanzibar (Replaces previous Kongonese trade flow towards Zanzibar).

+ Patagonia-Lima (Second steer direction)

- California-Mississippi River(Louisiana)
+ California-Rio Grande (Texas)
(Changed destination from Louisiana to Texas for making more sense and clearing room for added incoming Louisiana routes)

+ California-James Bay (Hudson Bay)

+ Australia-Lima (Possible island-hopping route to S-America makes sense from current and food/supply source perspective)

- Nippon-Hangzhou (Middle-Cathay)
+ Hangzhou-Nippon
+ Nippon-Beijing
(Moved trade from Japan to go into Beijing and the direction for the Hangzhou route to make possible trade flow from Cathay into Yamato).

+ Nippon-Panama (To allow Yamato-USA trade)

- Hangzhou-Malacca
+ Beijing-Malacca
(Changin the trade flow point still makes sense from historical point, but allows trade from Cathay to Yamato without a trade-loop)

+ Beijing-Siberia (More possible trade towards Novgorod and makes more sense Russia-Cathay conquests).

- Philippines-Moluccas
+ Moluccas-Philippines
(Changed direction to allow Yamatoan island conquest and boost their trade)

+ Philippines-Malacca (Replaces old route towards Europa and makes sense from historical perspective)

+ Siam-Canton (Siam-Khmer-Canton trade just makes sense)

+ Malacca-Comorin Cape (Ceylon/India) (Why was this missing in the first place?)

+ Yumen-Siberia (More trade towards Novgorod and again possible Russian expansion and second trade steer direction)

- Gulf of Aden-Hormuz
+ Hormuz-Gulf of Aden
(Possibility to steer Arabian Trade towards Alexandria and Africa and second steer direction for Hormuz)

+ Zanzibar-Ethiopia (Second trade direction towards Alexandria, allows steering of most middle and southern African trade towards Alexandria and Persia)

+ Cape of Good Hope-Patagonia (Southernmost South-America) (Second direction for CoGH. The actual Antarctic westwards-current goes even further south, but no can do if map doesn't go as far)

+ Persia-Astrakhan (More trade towards Novgorod. Again why was this missing in the first place, didn't the developers think Persians could cross a large lake?)

- Katsina-Alexandria
+ Katsina-Ethiopia
(Changed Alexandrain-route to go trough Ehiopia to allow African trade to steer towards Persia and Levant and to lessen the total increase of routes for less performance impact)

+ Etiophia-Basra (Persian Gulf) (Second steer direction for Ethiopia to allow African trade towards Persia and Novgorod and give some jobs to those poor Arabian Beduins)

+ Alexandria-Sevilla (Again one of the oldest trade routes missing and also one of the most important ones in whole world after Suez Canal construction)

+ Byzantion-Kiev (A very old trade route that allowed historically mediterranean and silk-road trade towards Novgorod and Scandinavia... And Viking raiding in the Black Sea)

+ Kazan-Crimea (Russian trade towards Byzantion trough previously mentioned old trade route)

+ Kazan-White Sea (Englishmen used historically Arkangelsk to trade in Russia)

- Novgorod-White Sea
+ White Sea-Novgorod
(Changed direction, as it makes more sense that Novgorodians would flow trade towards their most important port and capital)

+ Laplata-Lima (Second trade direction, makes sense as they have areas in Pacific beaches)

+ Brazil-Caribbean (Again why was it missing, allows flow towards Novgorod)

- Tunis-Genua (Just copy-paste old route back from vanilla file if you want it too badly!)
+ Tunis-Ragusa
(Redirected trough ragusa to make Genoa more even with Venice and reduce total number of routes for performance and also to make Mediterranean less a mess to look at)

+ Tunis-Alexandria (Makes sense and allows more African trade eastwards)

+ Tunis-Aleppo (For flavor, quite useless, so delete if you want more performance)

+ Tunis-Byzantion (Old trade route that allows African trade to be steered towards Byzantion, Ottomans and Novgorod)

+ Safi-Tunis (Second steering direction for West-African trade towards Byzantion)

+ Baltic-Saxony (A historical river route that allows Baltic trade to bee steered towards Genoa and Venice)

+ Rheinland-Venice (Central-European trade towards Venice)

+ James Bay (Hudson Bay)-Mississippi River (Louisiana) (An actual almost all the way river connection, that could have been widely used for trade without the interference of The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson's Bay [Hudson's Bay Company])

+ St.Lawrence-White Sea (Allows American trade for Novgorod trough Arkangelsk)

+ Lübeck-Champagne (Baltic trade towards Frankia, because historically it didn't happen)

+ Bordeaux-English Channel (What? England didn't trade with its territories in France during Hundred Year's War? Second steering possibility)

+ Sevilla-Byzantion (Allows Byzantine and Ottoman colony-trade and steering more trade towards Novgorod trough Byzantion)

+ Sevilla-Bordeaux (Steering of Mediterranean and Alexandrian/Suez Canal trade towards France&England)

+ Genua-Venice (Gives Venice possibility for piece of Atlantic trade).

* Adjusted positions of the nodes for historical falvor or clarity.
* Adjusted trade route placement graphics for historical flavor and clarity.
* Fixed some oddities/bugs in the vanilla 00_tradenodes.txt file (like some trade route going around the world TWICE in the metadata for wrong province ID, that was probably changed in some update).

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TBTrade 1.1

TBTrade 1.1

Full Version

Thieving Bastard's Trade Mod Version 1.1 for EU4 1.19.2 (Denmark).

TBTrade 1.0

TBTrade 1.0

Full Version 2 comments

Thieving Bastard's Trade Mod Version 1.0 for EU4 1.19.2 (Denmark).

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