Are you tired to see old cheap-like particle effects? Are you sick from old C&C3 units? You want something new? Then this mod is for you! Amazing explosive action with realistic like particles! Epic battles with advanced AI. Rebalanced gameplay, fixed bugs, new maps, can you hande more?

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lifted the rating up from 8 - 9 since its so good. Want to see sheer TW beauty? This mod is giving you that. For what the mod is, it has done great and so did Gunship.


Only good particles and a few new units?pretty good :)

thx people

It's only a seven because the SCRIN are neglected. If the eradicator hexapod was added then I'd give it a 10. BUT BUT BUT my framerate actually went up using it. @_@


**** mod no new buildings


Mod still needs a lot of work to deliver.


There doesn't seem to be much too it.


Rmag says

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All it seems to do is add a couple game breaking units that are just clones of previous units, with extra weapons. Pretty special effects, thats all. And you can get similar or better effects with any of the desura CnC3 mods.

Kool mod!


Destromath says

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