Richard Wallen is one of the most brilliant and over-the-top medics on the field. Man of great talent, he defeated cancer with his team of six doctors and specialists from all over the world. From the moment he defeated this terrible disease, his popularity grew constantly, until he reached the top of his fame, internationally. One day, after being interviewed by the local reporters, he walked inside the PharmaCorp building to continue his research, but was stopped by one of the members of his crew. A very rich and once famous doctor required his assistance. A letter was delivered directly to his office, and after a brief read, he decided to accept the case no matter what the disease nor the circumstances. Richard quickly gained all members of his crew and started a journey on a small plane brought by the corporation to participate in the mysterious meeting with the old doctor.

But a raging storm ruined the party; a very strong wind, less to no visibility and thunders were the cause of the plane crash. Fortunately for Richard, he was shoot out of the plane and he fell right into a small lake near the old man's mansion. He fell unconscious for some time, then he woke up near the crashed plane. Fire was burning the remains of his fellow companions. Engulfed in fear and terrifyed by that shocking discovery, he took out his flashlight and started searching for some sign of survivors to help out. The surroundings were dark and sinister, with no sign of life. Were them all dead? Who could've call to help? And what about the old man's request? Completely lost and trying to figure out a good way to solve his problems one at a time, Richard started his exploration...

The Whisper is a single player third person survival horror experience that takes inspiration from the Resident Evil 4 beta called "Hookman" by the fans, for its environment, mixing it with elements from Haunting Ground and Eternal Darkness.

- EXPLORE an ancient mansion and its surroundings, a forest, a lake, a church and many more, immersed in the classic Resident Evil feeling;
- SOLVE puzzles and find clues about whats going on around you;
- RUN for your life, when everything else fails. Running is the best solution at times;
- SAVE every bullet, because you wont be sure to find another any time soon;
- BE CAREFUL in your exploration: every object in the environment could be a mortal weapon

The game uses graphical enhancements, such as:
- Bump mapping
- Specular surfaces
- Per-vertex model lighting
- Dynamic Lights
- Stencil Shadows
- Weather effects and fog
- High resolution textures
- Bloom and water shaders
and many more.

I want to thank everyone that gave me support until now and still do, and of course a big thank you to the following:

Uncle Misha
and both the HLFX community and the Arrangement community.

Beta footage:
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Ok, I never added any news so I think its time to update you on the current situation. Some of you asked me when this will be completed, others asked the % of completion, and now I'm here to answer to some of your qustions.

1 - So whn will this be completed?
No less than 2 years for sure. So be patient and wait.

2 - I know you're sitting there doing nothing!! % of completion! NAO!!
Well I can realistically assume that I made 35% of the whole stuff. But I also had to wait for some cool guys such as Foxtrop and Mr Nameless to help me out with stuff like programming and modelling, and I'm still waiting for some features to be finished. So, while I wait, I'm spending time fixing mapping issues and adding rooms \ interiors, new models, new enemies and sounds.

3 - So is this a zombie mod?
No. Not even a bit.

4 - Whats the gameplay about? Images are booring!!
Its still in test. Basically it'll be like the famous Resident Evil 3.5 Beta gameplay involving the Hookman.
Except that I'll add inventory and some puzzles, and of course new, unexpected enemies.
I want to keep the fixed camera angle of old games, adding the over-the-shoulder view when aiming.

5 - Horror and quicksave? Yay!
Nope. You'll be forced to save in specific locations, using Clocks, similar to Haunting Ground.
Only alpha builds of the game have quicksave enabled for testing purposes.
To make things less frustrating though, you wont require Ink Ribbons or stuff like that to save. You can save as many times as you want.

6 - Shadows are not casted correctly, lighting is ugly, paranoia's bump mapping doesnt cast on all surfaces...
I know, these are HL limitations. But will be overcomed soon.
Mr Nameless is working with me on The Whispering Renderers, an exclusive renderer type specifically made for The Whisper that will add awesome features such as dynamic VSM (Variance Shadowmapping), per-pixel lighting, rim lighting, real time rendering for lights and bump mapping (no hlrad needed anymore) and many, many more!!
All this of course will require time and effort. So, again, be patient, because it'll take more than likely 3 months to build this thing and test it.

As always, if you're interested in adding your contribution, just let me know.

Thanks for reading.

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Any updates???

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damn, is it still up?

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dead :(

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RavenITA Creator

Nope. It's taking looong... but it's not dead.

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Any news how status is going ?

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Nice, looks interesting ;]

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