You are David, a normal guy from the middle-class. One day you get a message from your uncle who claims to know where your father disappeared 14 years ago. All signs lead to an old well which you enter not without curiosity...

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TroHea says

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Nice, short but nice.

Broken, the levers don't exist, you can progress all the way to the water section, at which point you are asked to find a way to drain the water, but no levers exist. The map design otherwise is fine, shame it doesn't work.

awsome !


StevenTasiopulos says

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Wasn't really into it.

Unique but really f@cking hard.


|Level Design/Music/Sounds|:
Really bad.

Loads of them.

|Scary Aspect|:
It didn't get me.

Was quite bored playing.


|Voice Acting|:
Didn't had any so i won't count this in the review.

Wish it was shorter..Gush.


Skelatilian04 says

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It would have been an eight had that not been the ending. I was hving so much fun but now I can't really have my conclusion. Oh well.
The sound and music were above average, but still not too amazing. The music in one section just went on and on and on, and I got ****** off after a while.
I liked and was interested in the storyline, though it was a bit on the short side.
The puzzles were unique-though I did not understand what to do a few times.
The level design was also amazing, there were many rooms that I couldn't enter and I wish I could have.
It was atmospheric at times but the encounters didn't really build up on that fear and instead just made a break from that. They were also a bit too easy for my liking but that's just me.

That's it for me.

Nice areas, good riddles and some original ideas in this CS. The Well surely deserves a good rating. A bit short, but this is one of the CS's in which the short length doesn't matter. Generally, a good custom story.


- Not a cliche story line
- Creativity
- Intresting idea
- Great level design


- Bugs
- Short, and sadly, chapter 2 is nothing to hope for
- Sometimes a bit hard to solve the puzzles
- The music that played when unlocking the storage room did not fit at that event in my opinion and was annoying to listen to after awhile


Due to the mix of positive and negative reviews, I wasn't sure what to expect from this, but it turned out I actually enjoyed this quite a lot actually. You have a lot of great ideas and the story itself is unique and well made.

Some bugs here and there, like the levers. I placed one lever and accidently throwed the second lever at the same place. It disappeared even though it was already a lever there so I had to restart from previously saved game.

8/10 - Really good


hhank says

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******,laggy,Bug... idont like this....


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