A HD pack for Ross Smith's fantastical classic Half-Life mod, Timeline! This mod tries to improve the original in some ways. These includes improving the models, sounds, sprites, and maybe adding in some odd details here and there.

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So, I have to say I really liked this set of mods. Here are the pros and cons to all 3:

New skins and textures (no real additions to enemies or guns, but still)
Pretty neat maps and visuals
Good plot that's actually pretty easy to follow
Mostly balanced combat
Multiple endings, one of which weaves in with the original Half-Life

Puzzles were often unclear
The path forward was frequently out-of-sight or confusing
Sometimes combat was unbalanced
"ALARM!" (this one is a joke)

Overall, if you want to see Freeman kick Nazi butt, you should definitely play this.


nopushbutton says

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Really nice makeover for an old classic! I especially liked the different weapon skins for each chapter.
I did end up removing some of the sounds (mostly things like item pickup, crowbar impact, the use sound, and a few others); I was having trouble knowing when something was usable or breakable, for instance, because I go by HL's sounds as cues for those.
In terms of enemies, the model updates made for a much more convincing experience than the original's very slight changes to the hgrunt, hassassin, and apache models. No longer is one in every four Nazi soldiers a cigar-chompin' black dude, for example.
One of my favorite touches was the different VOX module in the alternate-timeline HEV suit.

Actually 8-9, but I am giving 10, because "Mac_2010 says 1". It is not fair someone to make fun with the good work of other people.


It's Timeline, which is already one of the classic SP Half-Life mods. The graphical boost only makes it better.

should have added some soviets too xd


ethics says

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This was awesome. Really nice and well-playing trilogy. I liked the custom models, and the retextured assets. Heart of Darkness was the best in my opinion. Very nice, it was a good experience for me :)


SkaarjElite says

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This note is only for the "Remod" part oh the mod. It's very well made, improved skins, sounds etc... Lots of effort must have been pushed in this remod, very good work! I enjoyed shooting with the weapons actually! But for the mod itself it's another story...

I only played the first episode and nearly finish (I think?) the second one. I don't know why people acclaimed this mod. Well you can feel that the creator liked making this mod and it's great! But I don't know if he tested it... or at least in Hard mode! Seriously, too many ennemies compare to your ammo, very bad ammo placement (only in Storage-like room)level design where you can't always hide or take cover, and you know that in Hard you must take cover, because of Vortigaunts and military essentially. Health and Armor is actually not that bad in term of placement, it's just that it's not good in Hard for the Health. I am very good in Half life, I played it since 2011-2012, but I'm still usually low on health or armor in this mod. Oh and ennemy placement kind of suck too (yeah headcrabs in corners, military right next to you after you climb a ladder, or Vortigaunts teleporting while you are in a vulnerable position).
The level design is not bad, it's actually good in some places, it's detailled like Half life, so the feeling is here. HOWEVER it sucks at the same time, long corridors, large rooms, and not made for combat. And some times it's just garbage, because there are respawning ennemies (like in the second episode with those nazis assassin respawning in a SMALL room), explosives things you don't always see (sometimes there are just overpowered for no reason), and the biggest problem of the mod: "WHERE THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO GO???"
It happened to me like 2-3 times in the first episode and 1-2 times in the second. There's no indications and you're just lost. I think that it's the end of the first part that made me mad. You don't know what the f*ck you have to do and ennemies are shooting and respawning. I needed to read the walktrough to understand, seriously! You can't think or take a look around when lots of ennemies are killing you!

Well, for the good points, the story is kind of fun, and the design is great in general, and there are some nice ideas and "cinematics".
But it's not a great mod, I considere it "very medium".

I may have forgot to say other things, but I think everybody can understand what I said in this long review. I remember everyone that it's about the mod itself, I reviewed the "remod part" in the begining.


Very nice to see an updated version of one of my all-time favorite HL1 mod series. A job well done! :)

I like, very polished

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