EDIT- I've recently streamed/recorded a playthrough of this mod on Facebook Live- Facebook.com
The Meaning of Life
(AKA The Mind Palace of David Arthur Johnston)


Non lore friendly non-fiction. A moderately quaint romp through my brain.

"Essentially, I set out to take pictures of a big 'patience' billboard. Then it just turned into a neo-Holmesian mind palace."

This video is a small example of The Right to Sleep Room


Have no expectations. It is my brain, it just does things.

It is slightly preachy but in a high schooler who grew up loving ninjas kind of way.

There is a room geared for Donald Trump's attention as well as one for Russell Brand. There is also a room containing a journal that was kept during the events that lead to sleeping being legal in public in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Quotes, big pictures, and a really nice sound track. You haven't lived until you've listened to Beethoven's 9th performed on recorder.

Also, there's the meaning of life. It's in there too.

Everything is contained within its own cells, minus the door and mapmarker just behind Breezehome in Whiterun. There are no scripts.

Navmeshed, so fine for followers.

There is one painting with a boobshot and the journal contains swears so I'm thinking I'll have to classify this mod as 'adult'... which is weird because its not. But anyhoo...

Manual Installation

Simple. Unpack the rar and place the included Data folder in the Skyrim game directory.

Manual Uninstallation

Simple. Open the original rar file to see what's in it and delete all those files (not folders, necessarily) from the Skyrim Data folder.


Only Skyrim and the skyrim update.


My name is David Arthur Johnston. 'Round here I go by templeofninpo.

I can be messaged here at ModDB
Twitter- @templeofninpo
Email- templeofninpo@yahoo.com
Facebook, under David Arthur Johnston


Bethesda, you're awesome.

The music-

Papalin's recorder rendition of Beethoven's 9th. Very awesome to find in the public domain.

Just the Same by Alex and Jayadeva. David says you should come cook for him again.

The 2 or 3 google snapshots have the required google logo.

Oh, and Black Pudding Poetry for the use of their song Sitting by the Tree.

Oh, and of course Malukah for the beautiful rendition of Tale of the Tongues

There is also a song (Eg Er Framand) recorded by a Scandinavian fellow named Arve Moen Bergset. It was recorded when he was a boy. I've been trying to find him. The closest I've gotten is what seems to be an abandoned Facebook profile.

Most of the photos in the Right to Sleep room were taken by a fellow named Pete Rockwell.

Legal and Licensing

Umm, I don't know... If you want to do something with it maybe let me know.

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an update to the meaning of life mod - adds a summary book to the lobby

The Meaning of Life (AKA The Mind Palace...)

The Meaning of Life (AKA The Mind Palace...)

Full Version

Non lore friendly non-fiction. A moderately quaint romp through my brain. "Essentially, I set out to take pictures of a big 'patience' billboard. Then...

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The Meaning of Life (AKA The Mind Palace...) mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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