The Space Pirate is a new gameplay modification for (G)ZDoom that takes Doom to new heights! Featuring bladed boomerangs, ridiculously cool melee combat, crossbows, and much more! The Space Pirate Neo is the Zandronum version which features new weapons, characters, and exclusives catered to online deathmatch and cooperative play.

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The latest alpha for The Space Pirate, version 0.1.2b, has been released!

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Hey guys! Just chiming in to let you know the latest version of The Space Pirate (version 0.1.2b) is now available! You can grab it from the downloads section or the forum links above! Thanks for playing, your feedback is making this mod amazing!

Make sure to update your ZDoom or GZDoom to the latest SVN version.

New Features

  • + NEW WEAPON: "Dahlia" Custom Concealable Weapon - Go stealthy with this accurate crossbow, or make a blast with the explosive alternate bolts!
  • + NEW WEAPON: Marston Arms RPG-2090 (The “Toolbox”) - This micro rocket launcher packs a punch, but features a unique flak cannon alternate fire!
  • + NEUE WAFFE: Maschinenpistole 40! Obwohl Sie brauchen, um durch Zeit und Raum reisen, um zu bekommen es...!
  • + NEW ABILITIES: MAG PUSH and MAG SLING! Mag Push allows you to push back projectiles and foes, while Mag Sling uses the enemy as an anchor point and catapults you towards them!
  • + Zeke has gotten a major upgrade in the form of alternate shell types! Included are Buckshot (your average shotgun shells), Shock (for tough targets), Hellfire (special shells that you can burst! Make sure to bind that Special/Melee button to have them burst!), and Poison (for crowd control!) All of your shells share a pool, but look out on Blue Vertigo's YouTube channel for more documentation and tutorials on how to use the new Zeke!
  • + Melee attacks for every weapon included! Bind the "Special/Melee" key in your controls!
  • + Zeke no longer needs to be clicked to be pumped! However, clicking fire again will pump faster!
  • + Pistol reload completely reanimated!
  • + Monsters have smoother animation thanks to DECORATE black magic!
  • + Menu rework!
  • + Minor hud update with new text and info about the multi-shell types!
  • + Berserk Pack will now double the strength all your melee attacks! This is temporary, a new Berserk replacement will be coming in an upcoming build!
  • + Chaingunners ahoy! Our heavy weapon-wielding foes have three variants, and pack quite a punch! Bleed mortal!
  • + The Lost Souls have been given a Space Pirate makeover! Yikes!
  • + A new zombie variant has been added!
  • - 919m.0 has more starting ammo and can fire faster in semi-auto mode.

Just tried the mod with a few levels on ZDOOM. It performs as it should. I love the additions in this version. Although I have a small problem, I play the game in a classic sort of way by looking left and right and have auto-aim enabled. When I fire the shotgun or the UZI, the recoil messes with my aim and I would have to keep pressing the center screen button. Other than that, great progress on the mod!

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MartyKirra Author

I'll take a look into it and see what we can do. Thanks for the feedback!

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Played this mod out of curiosity but it come out great no bugs in GZDoom maps and Vanilla maps. Keep up the good work1 Hope we see a more update soon.

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