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An overview of the features and capabilities of the Brotherhood of Nod.

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The Brotherhood of Nod is said to be of ancient origin dating back over one thousand years. Their leader Kane is perceived as being almost supernatural as he has been sighted throughout history and appears not to age. Kane believes that the green crystal Tiberium holds the key to evolving mankind into the next stage and has experimented on subjects leading to the rebel mutant sub faction. Though not entirely successful, Kane has been able to create enhanced human hybrids with his greatest example being his self proclaimed daughter Ankha. Kane has received many followers as his stand to assist third world nations and outcasts has given him support in the millions.

The Brotherhood was said to be defeated in the First Tiberium War, but Kane’s body was never found. Many years later as support for the GDI world government waned, an underground group known as the “Black Hand” began collecting followers growing in size until it became a rival to the GDI Military. After the corrupt GDI government declared Martial Law the Black Hand revealed itself as being the Returned Brotherhood of Nod. Again promising to liberate the common people from their oppressors, the Brotherhood became a force equal in size to the GDI military and even more powerful with the aid of Kane’s advanced knowledge in ancient technology.

When modding from the original Tiberian Sun, I gave GDI and Nod a set of traits that all units a structures followed giving them a unique play style and strategy for victory. The Brotherhood of Nod’s forces are primarily focused in four main area’s which are:

Nod traits

NBan Focuseddamage

The Dragoon and Stealth Tank are quipped with precision armor piercing missiles which can slice through heavy armor like a knife through butter. The Laser beam which is equipped on the Raptor Tank, Laser Turret and Obelisk of Light is the only weapon that has 100% effectiveness on all armor types including prone infantry. Nod’s arsenal also includes the Tactician which can pick off enemy soldiers with a single shot and can C4 any structure he can infiltrate. The Artillery is the longest range vehicle and once deployed, fires 155mm shells that deals high impact damage to any vehicle and structure.

NBan Harrassment

The ability to harass the enemy to dwindle their forces is a skill Nod excels at due to having the fastest unit speeds on both ground and air. The Raider is the quickest ground unit and can also fire upon aircraft, where as the harpy is the quickest aircraft and is unique having no ammunition charges not having to return to refill ammunition. The Raptor Tank though being weaker in firepower and strength than it’s counterpart the Titan, is quick in land and can hover across water getting to where it needs to go. Stealth technology also lends a powerful advantage as striking first then retreating is an effective way to harass the enemy without taking casualties.

NBan Utility

The Viper and Mobile EMP Platform are powerful tools to the Brotherhood being able to disable a group of enemy vehicles or permanently hold an enemy disabled until reinforcements arrive. Stealth technology also gives Nod a great advantage as the Stealth tank, Stealth generator, and Ankha can hide themselves or the base giving you concealment and the ability to strike first. The Banshee once fully veteran can also cloak making it a great first strike assault aircraft.

NBan Technology

The availability to advanced technology has made it possible for Nod to surpass GDI in a few areas such as base defense and electronic warfare. The use of stealth technology alone is a powerful asset but when it can be used to hide base structures and land mines, it gives Nod the ability to defend themselves better than GDI. The combination of repairable laser fence and the overall firepower of the devastating Obelisk of Light puts Nod’s defenses in top tier and should only be challenged with caution.

Nod Arsenal

Here is a list of units available to Nod showing their stats and unique abilities.

- Infantry -

n infantry

- Vehicles-

n vehicles

- Aircraft -

n aircraft

The Nod faction is a powerful force and when harnessed by a skilled player can wreck havoc on the battlefield. What you've seen here was not all that Nod has to offer and being able to utilize this factions aspects to it's full extent will take time to master.

Peace through power!


about that there just one thing i find not fitting it was just for the dragoon his voice dosent really match a nod rocket soldier (yeah you going to say that i am bitchin over a few details :)

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Ever_Valiant Author

I'll put that on my to do list :)

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thank you :)

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eh, i like his "arrows from the sky" line and some others. sounds like they're a bunch of junkies with heat-seeking missiles; just a bunch of guy who can't aim well on their own, so they're given a weapon that will do the aiming for them :p

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I'm really loving this. A lot of depth is being implemented in this mod, and I'm excited to see more of it. Good work!

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