In the year 1923, war erupts across Calradia and Balion once more, bringing life to a new age of mechanization, revolution and nationalism, and a fourth era of technology that will forever shape the face of warfare.

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has potential, just needs more models and to be devanillaized a lot more. But I have a feeling one day this will beat clash of kings by a long shot.

Well, it is just so unique and ****** AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game is very impressive.

There's not too many games that utilize the firearms mechanic in a fun and useful way.

The only downside I see to this is that it still needs some work. I can't find a place to buy guns and you can only loot them it seems.

I still rate it a 10 of 10 based on what it can be in the future.

wow such game,much good,very single player <3

forget about cozur, he's a troll who fears of mods rising up to challenge his so he can keep all the glory. >:D

You are free to use my jutsu source anytime.


and @Dwarfbeard, dude you went through all of that? CHILL THE **** OUT

very wip, but looks like it will be amazing when complete.

At least this is not MP only.

This mod is awesome

Great mod indeed.

Good mod, but still it needs alot of work.