In the year 1923, war erupts across Calradia and Balion once more, bringing life to a new age of mechanization, revolution and nationalism, and a fourth era of technology that will forever shape the face of warfare.

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Upcoming News and changelog, go and download the next beta.

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The Red Wars 1.3 Beta RELEASED!

After hours of work, the next version of the mod is finally done. See the changelog below. As usual guys, we could really use some help with this project, if you or someone you know is skilled in 3D art, or maybe coding. please PM Mr. Nuke or add me on steam via my moddb profile. If you help recruit someone with actual skills to the team, you get to be a play tester as well.

In order to further expand the mod, we have to lay down a new framework for all of our items and troops, essentially remaking most of the mod, so it will be a while before the next big update update. While that happens I will continue to post updates of scripting and scene making and such.


Known Bugs:

  • Pistols are screwed up, they are animated wrong and have unlimited clip sizes, but they are still useable even though they look stupid.
  • Guards don't hold their weapons in towns, just use your imagination until we fix this.
  • if you find any big ones comment.


  • New factions: White Vaegirs and White Khergits, Not everyone supported the communist revolutions and you may see these guys running around, you can either help them or exterminate them.
  • Jihadists: You may see these guys running around the Sarranid deserts, watch out, they will probably attack you regardless of how big your party is because they are freaking nuts.
  • Guns: Many new guns, you'll find them in shops or on dead guys. The high prices have been fixed.
  • New map icons: Farmers travel around in tractors and caravans in supply trucks.
  • New Troops: Train them and upgrade them to find out
  • New Uniforms: You will see them in shops and on troops wandering the map.
  • New Misc Items: New items have been added as goods to further develop the early industrial period.

if moddb is being weird, dl the new version here


Any waffen SS Clothes? SS Clothes? Russian Gear? Wehrmacht Uniforms?

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Mr.Nuke Author

yes, some, youll find them when you play.

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Here, mate, stop with the bold and italic please. Hurts me eyes. :)

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Mr.Nuke Author

I swear to god it was not like that in the preview, sorry I hurt you :(

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Okay so I think pistols are like bows, so that's why they cannot be reloading.

If you want to change it in a simple way you may use Morgh's Editor which can be found here - :)

Everyone can do it because it's really easy.


- Rhodoks don't have their own uniforms, they're using swadian's stuffs.

- Swadian Cavalries are messed a lot because they often spawn with no weapon or with carbines but no sword or with sword and no carbines.

- Karpuhokla uniform is too damn god so it's too easy playing the game, when you have Gas Mask, Swadian Helm and Karpuhokla uniform...

- Bandits (Escaped Convicts) don't have any uniform,

- Crappy Bullets (using by Jelkala Thugs) - unable to find mesh

- Warfare Bullets - when using it, it is seen close to right leg,

- Ammo for pistols (using by Outcasts - Forest Bandits) - is visible in air (it can also be changed with Morgh's Editor). Just place it somewhere else, for example at the right or left front position.

- Some uniforms (means Khergits) looks very similar to Chinese uniforms from WWII China Battlefield mod...

- Please, add more guns which have more than 1 shot (machine guns sucks BTW, but AK-47 is AMAZING :) )

So, that's enough at the moment.


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