A mod for Diablo 2 with expansion The Lord of Destruction which tells an alternative story.

Mod is built on 1.10 vanilla version of the game. The mod can be played trough D2SE or without it

- New story ( Difference is, however, not right from the start. Whatever is mentioned in the story actually happens. Legendary items ? Allies plan to join fight ? Both of these. )
- Solid amount of new items and collectibles, a few new uniques and sets, reworked gems, new gemwords easy to get very early
- Simple collecting with easy to learn new recipes
- Less overall grind, improved drops, ladder content enabled, runes craft 3x lower to 1 higher up to Zod ( It would be wise to collect new items though, it does not take long )
- New enemies animations, some have completely new skills ( Thanks to Phrozen Keep )
- New bosses waiting to pose a challenge
- New voice lines for new bosses
- Changed music in some locations
- Modified and new maps ( Some thanks to Phrozen Keep, some completely new )
- Endgame dungeons after main part meant for passionate collectors and challenge seekers ( While the main part of the mod is not suitable for multiplayer, endgame dungeons are absolutely perfect, it is also almost impossible to max out in terms of equipment )
- No more underleveled enemies, time to face equal or higher levels ( Watch out for bosses and champions )
- Only normal difficulty, significantly faster leveling ( Why to repeat the same thing 3 times ? Just have all 99 levels in single difficulty. )
- Strenghtened hirelings to balance enemies
- Some vanilla skills were adjusted, some exchanged for new skills, some disabled due to balance (characters were reimbursed for that)
- Some vanilla skills were given synergies from characters stats ( These synergies only apply for actually invested stats points - Full list here: Moddb.com )
- Endgame class change, available to choose from 4 characters, independently of your previously chosen character, each with completely new skills, allowing for new, unseen gameplay styles ( They have 2 sets of skills, the second is stronger, but also needs to be collected in endgame dungeons, while the first one is simply received once you reach certain progress)
- Endgame adjustable skills ( Last expansion brought new jewels with new attributes which can adjust various properties of new classes´ skills, such as damage/healing/cooldown/duration/radius/missiles amount and more... Full list here: Moddb.com )
- Currently in late Beta, full version planned for this summer
- It is missing one thing however... You.

>>> Discord.gg <<<

Note: Dropbox link is faster up than direct download because it is how I transfer my files to the realm


Last Update: 22.7.2019 23:38 (11:38pm) GMT+2

A realm for the mod is now available

Extended resolution support for D2SE



Increased xp and fixed bug on high level which caused no xp to be acquired


Fixed text bugs and a missing stairs corner on a map


Halved low runes drop and doubled high runes drop from high level enemies


World Eaters skill damage was increased and chance to cast skill improved


Missiles have shorter distance to not allow players to snipe enemies from distance

Halved corpse explosion damage from Tortured


Doubled drop on weapon essence keys (adds socket to eternity weapons)


Increased general high runes drop by 300%

Increased runes drop in collector´s dungeons in act 3 by 100%

Increased chance of higher runes in collector´s dungeons by over 74,400% when dropping a rune, assuring sur and ber runes drop when cleaning out the dungeons

Fixed lack of space in Prison of Tartarus, allowing more battle space when facing the boss


Fixed Time Corruption skill to allow use during shapeshifting


Emilia´s resistances were given increase

Her drop was rid of less useful resonance stones, allowing better ones to drop more, including higher drop of otherworld essence for weapons

Angels drop Cham by ensured chance and even Zod sometimes


Players who earn the slayer title have shops prices significantly reduced


Fixed misleading display claiming you can access your battle.net accounts on our realm

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The Puppeteer - Realm


Thanks to cooperation with Adeptgamer.com a realm for The Puppeteer has been set up and we can now enjoy multiplayer experience.


Important info about difference between classic Puppeteer and realm!!
- realm version runs on core 1.13c
- realm version is compiled into Patch_D2.mpq

Changes between classic and realm:
- decreased some item level requirements, also sets and uniques level requirements
- you can now reverse craft runes and get back the 3 runes you crafted into 1 higher - space compression
- abyss difficulty charm effects increased - more bonus xp, more gold drops, more magic items chance, no change in negative effects
- to make up for missing plugy respec I moved to 1.13c and now token of absolution is available for 10000 gold, respecs are available and supported as were in the classic version
- skills now display synergy bonuses which they did not originally have, f.e. shout displays how much all resists it adds
- rebalanced enemies to fit better for realm gameplay (according to what is the mod meant to be)
- and more minor changes

There are a few bugs present:
- town portal scrolls cannot be manually placed into town portal book, it will only be inserted there when you pick it off the ground (this is coded into d2gs which runs the server)
- abyss difficulty charm is a little bit feeble and needs to be refreshed more often, f.e. when you equip other items with auras, when you die, keep an eye on it if you want the bonus xp and drops (you refresh it by simply picking up from inventory, putting down again)
- game has a low chance of crash when loading character, just restart and it will run, no harm done to save
- game may sometimes fail to join when joining a room
- inner and outer cloister has a bit bugged minimap, displaying doors only, the map is preset, solid, should not be a problem
- mummies death animation of falling on the ground is buggy, they die and appear dead on the ground
None of these should pose any threat such as loss of progress or save loss.

Server information:
Name: Adept D2
Zone: -8
Server Status: Realm is currently used for different purpose, this mod´s files won´t be allowed to create a game.

Realm currently runs version 0.98.29 of the mod, please always stay up to date (check your version when in a game by looking at top right corner or when in D2SE menu) redownload the newest version from the same link.

Download the files from here: Dropbox.com
(Only this file version will work on realm, the other one will not)

Non-d2se user:
1. Backup Patch_D2.mpq in game directory.
2. Overwrite Patch_D2.mpq with the one from the download.
3. Use BNGatewayEditor to add information about realm.

Uninstall: Copy backup Patch_D2 back into the game folder.

d2se user:
1. Extract mod folder into Mods
2. Nothing, D2SE_Setup has been preset for auto-connection :)

Set in sound options for npc speech to be text only.
Keep checking the server info for whether you have up to date version. Small fixes come out very often.

Keep in mind that the realm is still in late-testing and may shut down without long-before it announcement. However, a message informing about it will pop up a while before it happening. Downtime is 5-10 minutes.

Another reminder to keep track of, there are not many people online at the moment. If you block off your game for characters which are more than 4 levels above or under you, do not expect anyone to join, really. With that you ensure that if anyone connects to the server, they will not see any games online, leave and this then goes on with people thinking nobody is online.

Thank you for joining and please report anything that seems strange/problematic
Contact me on discord: dreameaterx#5508
Join mod´s Discord group for all info about the mod: Discord.gg

The Puppeteer - Playtrough

The Puppeteer - Playtrough


This mod is now being streamed and recorded for interested.

Mod content map

Mod content map

News 3 comments

A big picture containing some of the mod´s content

Choice - Will of Eternals

Choice - Will of Eternals


3,5k views and an anniversary of one month. Sounds like a day well-suited for releasing information about an interesting feature.

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Extended Resolution

Extended Resolution

Graphics Tool 2 comments

Extra game dlls allowing two additional resolutions: 1344x700 and 1068x600 Read the decription please, I am not responsible for any harm to your game...

The Puppeteer Beta v.0.98.29

The Puppeteer Beta v.0.98.29

Full Version

New version of the mod compiled into Patch_D2 for ease of use

Comments  (0 - 10 of 48)

I have played so many diablo2 mods, but this is the worst mod I have played to date

this is not even diablo2, looks like a child tried to make dragonballz using diablo but failed

absolute waste of time

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

the story is cool as ****, but if you're illiterate and can't read dialogue then i can understand why you'd think this way

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
dreameaterx Creator

Thanks for the comment, genius, if according to you anything new or different = bad, we´ll certainly come up with something new that way. Unless you have any certain aspect you can say is bad about it, the door is over there.

Reply Good karma+4 votes
dreameaterx Creator

If anyone needs help, you are free to contact me, I´ll be glad to help.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
dreameaterx Creator

The Realm version will be a MPQ what should simplify manual installation.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
dreameaterx Creator

Thanks everyone for support, this mod has reached 20k viewers ! ~

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Please, repack music files separately of game files

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dreameaterx Creator

You can use dropbox to manually omit downloading it. If you do though, you may come across things such as town music during boss fight.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
dreameaterx Creator

It seems the direct download files didn´t work as they should have. I apologise for this. I re-uploaded the files, they should work alright now !

Reply Good karma+1 vote

After download and launcing the mod trough d2se i get the error
"Error : BYTE 81 wanted but 01 found to change memory at 08C89295"
What should i do?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dreameaterx Creator

This is likely a rather silly PlugY error, I haven´t personally experienced it, but people who have claim that it helps to really just reset PC.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
dreameaterx Creator

It is possible that characters you created with the corrupted download will not even load, but display a bad inventory data error. You should make a new character as during the character creation you should have received additional items, one of which is necessary to finish the mod !

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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