A modification for Rome Total War: Alexander set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. This mod is about trying to implement as many aspects of the tv show that can possibly be added.

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A summary of the progress in August for the Last Airbender Total War mod.

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Welcome to the first developement update!

During August the focus on development was on making the battle map models for the Water Tribe settlements. These have been finished (although the wall of the Northern Water Tribe is still bugy). In the coming months I will continue with the Earth and Fire Nation settlements. The settlements aren't a one-on-one copy though! (I added a video for the Northern Water Capital, be sure to check it out!)

Water Tribe Village

Water Tribe Village

Water Tribe Town

Water Tribe Town

Water Tribe Large Town

Water Tribe Large Town

Northern Water Tribe Capital (City Level)


Northern Water Tribe Capital


KurdishNomad: Creating all new avatar units, battle map settlements & strat models and textures as well as animations, new vegetation & ground textures for on the battle map, creating battle map UI, battle map banners, campaign map

Hector: Creating Campaign Menu 2D art, creating campaign map UI & helping with the implementation of new battle map vegetation

Dagovax: Helping with the implementation of animations & adding sound effects for new bending animations

Wlesmana & LOTRTW team: allowing me to use their animation pack as a base for my mod

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