In Lament, you take the role of Michael Anderson, a researcher and archaeologist living in England, 1845.

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Seeing's how I don't have much progress to show you right now, I figured I'd do something I saw somebody else do for their custom story. That is to say, upload a picture of my laptop and it's specs, because that might interest some people.

This is an HP Envy dv7, as you may have been able to tell. It has eight gigs of DDR3 ram, Windows 8.1 64-bit, a 15" 1600x900 display, and an AMD-A8 4500M APU. CAPSLOCK.

The integrated GPU part of the APU is referred to as either a Radeon HD 7640G (very misleading) or a Radeon HD 4500M (very accurate), and it's not particularly powerful, though I did manage to finish Crysis 3 without it overheating.
It runs Amnesia relatively well at 720p with high quality shadows and textures, albeit no SSAO, thanks to it being a well-optimized game. The HPL Level Editor does lag quite a bit in some of my levels, though it's not unbearable.
For screenshots I use a desktop PC I bought from a friend, though I don't have any pictures of it.