You wake up in the world, what is being called world between life and death. It is up to the people themselves to fight for survival. But this world isn't empty, it is magical world and it is owned by someone who is being called death. Apparently he isn't god of this world and can only manipulate everything. So you escape from him but at the same time you go through your dark past, so you would understand, why and how did he end up there.

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So, you got stuck? No worries, here is fool-proof (I hope) guide what will help you through! This way might save you 30 minutes after trying to figure it out 15 minutes. I am feeling proud of those who will NOT USE IT though!

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They are all in order of actions)

First map - Intro
Wait till you get torch!
Wait till you hear 3 button clicks, there will be small flickering light!
Use torch on the weird thing in the middle of flickering. It will open window.
Go through window
Jump down from the end of path. IT may sound like jumping into endless, but there is actually door.
Click on door >:D

Second Map - emptiness

Jump on top of things till you reach table!
On the most bottom drawer, there is lantern and right of it is oil.
Use book
There appeared now button on the eagle statue. Click it twice to make elevator and set it to move!
Go near well
After all events, jump down of well.

Third map - The well
Go near well
Follow instructions what voice actors give. Should be easy.
After brute comes, escape into house

Third map b - Storage
Get the drill where huge amount of barrels are. It is below them!
Get to the second 'floor'!
Use drill on planks!

Fourth map - The interrogation room part 1

Basically one thing - sit down when voice actor orders!
If you do not know how to sit down, just find the static chair, go very in front of him (between chair and table) and controls should be taken over and you will be seated!
Use the door in front of you!

Fifth map - The Visit
Go into Eva's bedroom!
Get work room key.
Open work room on the second floor left side.
Get Chisel from the table!
Go to the bottom floor right room (living room). There is painting. Use chisel on the painting ALL sides!
Get the secret room key!
Open secret door from the top floor right door.
Find chest and try to open it.
Die or survive, both works.
Try to leave from house, you will take over then Norman!
Wait till voice acting is over and leave from room! (Door will be unlocked!)
Go to secret room to find the truth. Look at the body on the table!
Try to leave from the house whatever way, go near the door. Brute won't move away no matter what you will do!
You are grounded. Look around the room for unusual items.
Use it forcefully on door. Make sure that it is more far away from the door before using it, then move it quickly into contact with door.
Use candlestick to break the window!
Leave the house!

Sixth map - The interrogation room part 2
Open chest
Same as in part 1, sit on the same chair!
Exit the door

Seventh map - The Forest
Jump over the rocks!
Left side of tree is small opening
After that right side of tree is small opening
Go left. Right side will be blocked with tree fall!
Go over river, left path will take you to small cemetery, nothing there.
Go through very tall grass.
Between the grass is fallen tree, duck!
Go inside the hole what has water in it.
There is smaller tunnel, duck and jump to go inside it!
Left passage!
Go up from the tunnel, via climbing method.
Find door and click on it!

Eight map - final map
Go straight forward!


Where is the Chisel? I don't see anything..? I grabbed every tool and tried it on the painting. This custom story is VERY glitchy

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Elven3 Author

No it isnt... It is fine, you just dont find chisel... -> Doesnt make whole CS glitchy.

Anyway many players say that chisel is screwdriver. If i look it, it is chisel + name in amnesia leveleditor is chisel, but I guess for many it looks like screwdriver after all :P...

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When there is a secret space behind the painting, there is a book and I took the book and tossed it away and the key to the secret room got outside the map. So if this happened to you go behing the piano and jump against the corner and you should get inside the wall. When you are inside the wall just be very careful and you should be able to get on the small edge in front of the wall. Walk on it until you get to that room where you did this glitch and take the key (if you are lucky, it is on the small edge) and your problem is solved.

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Elven3 Author

But how you get out of that bugged area ;D?

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