The Iazyges, Marcomanni and Quadi Mod - a mod for Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion Hello, some of you may know that in Barbarian Invasion there are some "cut factions". Two of these are well known, The White Huns and Moors, but among the files I found references of another three: The Iazyges, The Marcomanni and The Quadi. Only a few files about these factions can be found in Barbarian Invasion, such as battle banners, captain banners and symbols in the interface. Unfortunately no unit skins or unit cards were left so I do not know what units they had and what was their role in the game; it is possible that they were cut during the early stages of development. So, in this mod I have replaced the Burgundii, Langobards and Roxolani with these factions, assigned them some units and placed them in the campaign map.


The Iazyges, Marcomanni and Quadi Mod - Version 1.0

The Iazyges, Marcomanni and Quadi Mod - Version 1.0

it crashes whenever i start a campaing or play as the huns cuz the "BI_officer_hunnic_warlord_lod1.cas doesn't exist" error appears. what should i do?

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warcrafthero Author

Hello, i have downloaded the mod, that file is included in the uploaded archive; maybe a corrupted download? Try to re-download and re-install the mod and Patch 1.

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