Jharkendar - once untamed and forgotten part of the island of Khorinis, now it's teeming with all sorts of inhabitants. Since Raven's death the region has become no longer secret. Just on contrary it has gained fame.

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Great mod, offers many hours of fun, old friends, new friends, new textures, friendly orcs and bandits, new weapons, armors and many more..
BUT there are a few bugs and, for my taste, too many searching quests + the game is insanely hard in the beginning.
It also has quite dissapointing ending, in the good way! Becouse I was dissapointed, that it had to end :D
Yet, I had so much fun, but also was raging hard sometimes :D
I really recommend this mod to someone, who want some nostalgia, wants to meet old friends in Gothic 2 graphics, wants to begin from 0 and become the greatest hero once again, someone like me :D
I'm really excited for Golden Gate 2, and I'm going to play as soon as it's released!
Good luck to great Polish developers and thank you for this awesome mod!


Currently my favorite G2NR modification among the ones released in the past couple of years.
Despite the fact that Jharkendar is actually my least favorite native location, I really did enjoy it in "Golden Gate". Visual changes, the plot, characters, new stuff such as group conversations - the mod is almost perfect.

The only thing I didn't like was quite a few quests which made me look for something. Despite my best efforts, i still couldn't find the stolen orcish recipe, have absolutely no idea where to look for flint, it took me no less than half an hour to find the lost necklace and I probably would have never found the bloody axe had I not googled that quest.

I look forward to seeing the second part of the mod and would like to thank all the developers for such a great work.
Just please don't make so many "find a needle in a haystack" quests.:)

an authentic gothic experience .... in some aspects it's even better than the original gothic 2 game. I love creative quests .... one of my favourite quests was apollos dream , with the possesed Rita. It reminded me of supernatural series. Nevertheless great game , I can't wait to play the second part in english.

I give only '9' becouse i wait for english translation as everyone does :D when you do translate this awesome work that would be niceee and you would get 10. good luck with your further work.

A great gothic 2 mod

well...this is an incredible mod that i've played before...although, it is really lag on my poor system but i truly enjoyed it...I hope the next part would be released soon, and translated into English too...
Keep moving forward, guy!


Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work! Great work!


Really nice job with translation and really nice job with this mod. It still has that gothic feeling but with new story, old friends, dabing is really good, even that it is polish and i cant understand a word but sounds great.


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Really fantastic mod !! many thanks!!


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If this mod get tralated it's going to be a top mod for awaihle. :D
Sry for my english :(

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