The Gate II is the long awaited sequel to hit Half-life 1 mod 'The Gate'. It is a FULL conversion of Half-life 2 and hence will have all models changed, all skins, all new weapons! Using the power of The Half Life II engine The Gate II will bring alive the world like never before! The story continues from where the last game left off, this time The TimeGate will take the player to amazing new world in distant universes. Unlike the first Game The Gate II will feature many more enemies to fight! Some Alien some Human and a few more besides.. We have a full inventory of Professional voice actors on our team so The Gate II will of course feature a full movie style script. The Gate II like its predecessor will also be released with a full classical musical score. Go Play The Gate 1 to find out more! It will set you up for the ride of your life ~C J BEATTIE

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3 Short videos showing The Gate II in motion After getting my wegame fixed at last i can start taking videos of the gate II in game. I

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Hey guys,

Just a short note to let you know that after a long fight with my ‘wegame' video taking program I finally got it to work so I have took 3 short videos of some of the latest maps I have worked on.

When I get the sound sorted on wegame then I release some more with sound. I have kept them short of course due to filesize.

More to come soon


3 great new video's CJB!!!
loved watching them, the last one, (second one of the forest) i even watched twice, just to see what is playing dead (?) in the water. some kind of strange HUGE creature ??!
and the second movie, of the street with the 3 hours, and how the camera flies through it all, very nicely done!! i love the small details, like the sparks that come from the fire, or what to think of those libel insects that are flying around the lights and the fire.

should it still name something that wasn't that good, then i have to first search hard for it, but after that i would say that the smoke that is coming from the car that drives through the street, that that is looking a little bit less well. i know, the original smoke entities don't give of well made smoke in HL2 and its episodes. but, there are a whole load of particles now, and some of them do have very nice and very realistic smoke. when you use one of those for the car smoke then it would make the whole scenery 100% complete.
but, that is just my small 2 cents...

great work my friend!!!


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cjb Author

Hey leon,

thanks for the kind words mate and view of the maps ..

always good to get another mappers view on things i think..

Yeah the exaust of the car is weird... when not taking the video the smoke appears fine.. and when taking it alters how it appears i can only think it is my computer struggling with doing both jobs.. but will def look into it..

The camera pans etc i had a lot of practice with mate as i did 100's in the gate 1 (or it felt like 100's)

yeah particle look so much better don't they, starting to use them more and more in maps just wonder how they effect the r speed.. they dont seem that bad tbh..

thanks again for the kind words


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