The Gate II is the long awaited sequel to hit Half-life 1 mod 'The Gate'. It is a FULL conversion of Half-life 2 and hence will have all models changed, all skins, all new weapons! Using the power of The Half Life II engine The Gate II will bring alive the world like never before! The story continues from where the last game left off, this time The TimeGate will take the player to amazing new world in distant universes. Unlike the first Game The Gate II will feature many more enemies to fight! Some Alien some Human and a few more besides.. We have a full inventory of Professional voice actors on our team so The Gate II will of course feature a full movie style script. The Gate II like its predecessor will also be released with a full classical musical score. Go Play The Gate 1 to find out more! It will set you up for the ride of your life ~C J BEATTIE

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