You take the role of Victoria Noire, a once regular human whose capabilities are enhanced beyond belief thanks to Maykr technology, which are labeled as “Nephilim”. Victoria is a rogue Nephilim that decided to use her pseudo-angelic powers, which were once used for evil deeds, for a greater cause. She uses them for what she does the best ... killing demons with style.

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v1.1 is out



  • Remade the HUD, now it's way more scalable.
  • Added hitmarkers.
  • Added precise crosshair.
  • Added a bunch of performance options.
  • Added a CVar where the momentum gets preserved after the player performs Blink or Blink Down.
  • Added a bunch of CVars for the visual effects of weapons.
  • Added a CVar that disables the mana gain penalty of Fade, Quicksilver and Prolificacy.
  • Expanded the nerf slider, now it works for non-multipliers of 0.05.
  • Added an option to disable damage over time.
  • Quicksilver now uses the stock inverse vision.
  • The damage tint now works properly.
  • Fixed an issue where after blocking, the player would never bleed indefinitely.
  • Supernova can now be shot if your cell count is below 25.
  • Flashbang, Crystal, Lightbringer and Coronal Burst are now affected by Prolificacy.
  • Fixed the electric arc of Seraphic Thumper projectiles.
  • New beep sound effect for Valentine thorns.
  • Remixed Victoria's Seraphic voice, now it sounds much more clear and menacing.
  • Fixed an issue where performing Dash or Fade during Quicksilver would remove the screen blend for
    one tic.
  • Fixed the color of Seraphic Euphoria.
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon would have the wrong spriteset during the draw animation if the previous weapon had a different ammunition type.
  • Fade's mana gain penalty went from 50% to 100%.
  • Astraeus' Fission and Star Shaft firemodes now have a new firing sound effect.
  • Phoenix Flame spawns are now disabled by default (they can be turned on from options).
  • Added an option where you can skip the weapon draw animation.
  • Increased the speed of Euphoria charging.
    • Euphoria also starts charging during the scope transition animation.
  • New ability: Seraphic Sanctity
    • You rapidly regenerate 45 HP at the cost of 15 MP.
    • It can be performed by engaging Seraphic State while in Guardian Style and have HP below 50.
  • Nerfed Black Napalm One-Two.
    • It now shoots 6 pellets instead of 8.
  • Revamped Black Napalm Overload.
    • It now causes a direct explosion that can harm the player but heavily damages everything around you.
    • The self-harm can be avoided with various ways like a really well-timed dash or block.
    • The self-harm cannot be avoided with Seraphic State.
  • Revamped Combustion.
    • The Combustion projectiles change velocity depending on your movement inputs. Forward makes them
      faster, back makes them slower, left and right makes them change angle towards the respective
      input (left and right movement ones can be toggled off).
    • The Combustion projectiles can now be detonated by shooting it with accurate and high-damaging attacks.
    • The Combustion detonation changes properties depending on which firemode it's detonated with.
  • Revamped Australis.
    • Pyro Australis now fires fireballs that mostly deal splash damage. Its splash damage and radius increase as it gets charged up.
    • Cryo Australis now fires icicles that solely deal impact damage.
  • Revamped Static Shock.
    • It no longer targets the player.
    • It stays airborne for much longer at the cost of each bolt attack dealing less damage.
    • Its range doubles for Seraphic version.
    • Much like Combustion, the projectile can be shot while it's still airborne.
  • Added a backpack replacement.
    • It now increases your ammunition capacity by 20% every time you pick up one, with 100% being the maximum.
    • It also now grants much more ammunition (150 bullets, 25 shells, 10 thorns and 100 cells), makingit an actually useful item even after you max out your ammo capacity.
  • Revamped Ultra-Violet.
    • Made better trail for Seraphic Ultra-Violet grenades.
    • The grenades now have a purple trail instead of red.
    • The grenades won't explode like Thumper grenades after contacting with an enemy.
    • You can now detonate the grenades by shooting them.
  • Revamped the explosive barrels.
    • They now deal much more damage after exploding.
    • Their effects are optimized, so the game won't lag heavily in maps like Barrels o' Fun.
    • Their explosion differs depending on how you damage them (similar to Combustion projectiles). Some of the firemodes instantly detonate the barrels.
  • Removed the current climb mechanic in favor of the one from ZMovement.
    • It is faster, less buggy and has a hand animation.
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The False Angel - version 1.1

The False Angel - version 1.1

Full Version 15 comments

The version 1.1 of the mod. Enjoy! The .rar file comes with a ZMovement addon and it's HEAVILY RECOMMENDED to use it, since the mobility-based abilities...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 19)
Guest - - 696,175 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

XoomRanger - - 31 comments

You play as a female?...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,170 comments

This is the most insane combination I could think of ..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,170 comments

I've made a short showcase

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
PotaTOOM - - 18 comments

I tried it but it looks like my pc can't handle it so sad.
anyway is there any option to adjust the hud size/ratio? cause I can't find it or maybe I'm just not looking enough.

PS: that intro when you start the game was so SICK what programs did you use just curious?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
D3athStalker Creator
D3athStalker - - 259 comments

I'm planning to make the HUD more adjustable due to the overwhelming number of requests that I get about this issue lol. Same goes for the special effects, where I will at least make the smoke togglable.

Also I used Blender for the intro and character/weapon animations.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,170 comments

I am absolutely in love with your mod .That's insanely high quality ..
Where are the weapons from ? And the idea ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
HatchetHound - - 29 comments

This is pretty cool, but I hope you'll consider allowing us to turn down some of the effects so it's more potato-friendly. Also a more low-resolution version of the HUD, at the lowest 4:3 preset it fills the screen.

The effects I mean are the Glacier and Cinder attacks and some of the Guardian abilites, like Reflect and Vengeance. Oh, and the pistol charge. Might be more, but I only tried it out for a bit.

Guardian style is dope and I appreciate the block frame slider. Trying to just-frame stuff is super frustrating in Doom.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,170 comments

If this gets its own enemies ...[ its actually perfect already. And i appreciate the fact you didn't put monsters on the mod so we can choose our own ] it would be even better than most AAA games coming out nowadays ..
Its already imo .but spme people would argue its not a game cause it uses doom .
Anyway .. this is INSANELY AWESOME

Ive played a few short rounds .for me a problem is the dash move doesnt work on delta touch .meaning i may not be able to use all techniques the mod offers . [Havent checked completely ] but the style change and skill using works great .the sword is my absolute favorites here ,its slaps ..
The animation and sound is incredible .i am using GUN BONSAI and HITMARKERS / CRIT SHOTS addons which gives me some cool hit and kill sounds additionally. Makes it feel even more meaty ;)

The mod itself os an absolute blast to play. The movement feels awesome and fluid ,the guns look straight out of russian overkill or guncasters inventory and i love it . And the startup sequence..MY GOD ..

id that devil may cry ?

ill update this comment with a short video soon ..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,170 comments

Damn it's here !!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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