'The Deluge' is a multiplayer mod set in 17th century Europe. It offers historically accurate factions, troops and equipment, many improvements to gameplay and tactics, tons of new models/textures, a lot of unique features (eg. animated flora and banners, cannons, galeons, boats and ferries, building defences) and much, much more...

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List of most frequently asked questions. It's best to start from here.

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1. I cannot join any servers! I get message that server is running on newer version (9.327). I also can't host my own game! What's wrong?

"The Deluge" mod requires WSE (Warband Script Enchancer). You must either run the game from desktop shortcut that was created during The Deluge installation, or from WSELoader.exe directly.

2. WSE doesn't work for me! It says it cannot find "mb_warband.exe". What should I do?

Click RMB (right mouse button) on "The Deluge" desktop shortcut, choose Properties, go to Shortcut tab and at the end of "Target" field add similar line:
-p "C:\Program Files\Warband\mb_warband.exe"
Remember to change above sample path to the real path where you have your Warband installed. If you have it eg. in "D:\Games\M&B Warband\", then the line you need to add will look like this:
-p "D:\Games\M&B Warband\mb_warband.exe"

3. I see flying grass! The trees are jumping! What the hell, man?!

You should enable the Edit Mode in M&B launcher settings. Still such bug may occur on random scenes. We're working on that, but it'll take some time, since shaders have to be rewritten and some flora models need to be changed. Until then, just have your Edit Mod turned on - nothing bad will happen and it shouldn't slow your game down, since this mode doesn't even work in multiplayer.

4. Is there singleplayer? If not, will there be?

No, there’s no singleplayer version yet. We might reconsider working on it as multiplayer mode is finished, but it is to be decided in the future. Currently our team is just too small to make good and creative singleplayer mode.

5. Is there a M&B version of this?

There used to be, as the project was started in 2006. However, after the Warband release, we decided to switch to it for good, and since then there’s no progress for basic Mount&Blade.


1. How do I crouch?

Press "C". To get up, press again "C", or one of the direction buttons. Notice that standing up animation is a bit slower, keep it in mind.

2. How do I dig trenches?

Firstly, you have to select an engineer class (or other troop which have shovel available). Choose shovel as a part of your inventory, and then, in-game, press the mousewheel. Slide your mouse downwards, and the menu should say "Dig". Confirm by pressing the MMB/mousewheel or LMB. Moving, including standing up, will stop the digging.

3. How to brace a pike?

Open the Cirrcular menu (press middle mouse button or mouse wheel) while you have your pike equipped and you should see Pike Bracing icon. Slide your mouse to select it and confirm by pressing the MMB/mousewheel or LMB. While bracing, point the pike at incoming horse's chest.
Important Note: pike bracing works only against mounts.

4. What's wrong with grenades? They do not expode at all!

There's nothing wrong with them. You just forgot to lit them up before throwing. ;) To do this just press "X" while holding a grenade. Just remember to throw it away after you lit it, or else it'll expolde in your hands.

5. Engineers have this huge axe, but it serves for nothing. It is extremely slow, I can’t hit any enemy!

That’s supposed to be like that. Engineer’s axe is for destroying obstacles: gates, doors, palisades, wheeled shields, cannons (sabotage ;) ). It's almost useless in melee fight, but it has great bonuses agains wooden structures.

6. The engineer hammer – what’s that for?

If you're an engineer then you can fix broken cannons and build wheeled shields with it. It's useful only on certain maps.

7. Wheeled shields, you say… um…

Find a bunch of planks laying together, aim at them with hammer in your hand until you find the text ,,Build wheeled shield”. Hold "F" key. Then, after the wheeled shield appears, you are able to push it (also F, then just push them around using your body) and open their window to shoot through it. Shields are destructible, but provide nice cover from enemy fire.

8. You mentioned cannons. How do I fire them?

Reach the cannon, aim at the gun carriage, press "F". Now, you are blocked as a gunner, your character is unable to move. Aim the barrel with WSAD keys, fire with LMB. To leave the cannon, press F. To reload the cannon, look for a pile of cannonballs or grapeshots nearby, hold "F".

9. What are those icons in the right corner, which appear when I'm operating the cannon?

The first icon on the left shows what kind of ammo (if any) the cannon is currently loaded with (or being loaded). The second icon shows if cannon is ready to shoot.

10. Grapeshot? What's that?

It's a type of ammunition for cannon. It has multiple projectiles and wide spread, so it's deadly for close range combat against large group of enemies.

11. How do I use boats?

Get into one, look at the bench, press F key when you'll see "Sail" text. You will be blocked as an oarsman until you press F again. Control the boat with WSAD keys. Boats are destructible, for grenades they’re one-hit target, same for cannons.

12. And how to use barges?

With barges, it’s less complicated – you can only move backward or forward, on determined distance. Get on a barge, aim at the big cross in front of it, press ,,Sail to the island”. The barge will move until you press ,,Stop the barge”. If you do so, next option shown will be ,,Sail back”, so if you want to keep going to the island, you have to press ,,Stop barge” again, and then once more ,,Sail to the island”, as there’s only one button for all these actions (the sign of a cross). Barges are not destructible.

13. I was riding through a ford, and my horse suddenly died. I heard no shots, there was no enemy nearby. How did that happen?

Your horse had probably drowned. The same can happen to you if you stay underwater for too long.

14. All my musket and pistol ammo is suddenly gone! My grenades too!

Cartridges and grenades are destroyed by water. Remember this next time you'll go swimming around. ;)

15. My lance disappeared when I switched weapons! Is this a bug?

No, it's not a bug. It's a feature. You can no longer run around with two-meter-long pike hidden in your pocket. Every big weapon will now be dropped if you'll switch to something else.

16. How do I taunt?

Press the mousewheel or MMB, select first icon from the right, click it. Then, choose from Fight orders (i.e. "Fire", "Attack", "Fall back"), Formation orders ("Line up", "Tighten formation", "Loose formation"), and Misc (random battle cries and taunts). Take your time in learning the position of each shouts, there’s lots of them.

17. I keep getting out of ammo on invasion game mode. What shall I do?

On every map prepared for Invasion, there has to be a chest in which you can renew your ammo and health, but only after each 4 rounds. Special UI marker will show you the location of the supply chest, when the chest will be available.


When I Open Multiplayer/Host Game , it's don't respond. What shall I do?

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how to i pick up powder when i pick up the entire thing

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