The Dark Conjunction is a true Q3 Single-Player Total Conversion. Everything has been replaced in order to create a new gaming experience. The game's ambient is a fusion between fantasy and apocalyptic reality. The story unfolds as the player progresses through the game. The final version for download features 9 playable levels (plus a secret level), a large cast of characters, scripted sequences, different weapons and much more. Full version of Quake 3 Arena with latest point release is required to play.

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rea987 says

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No, simply no. I wanted to be forgiving since it seems to be the only worth playing Quake III: Arena single player mod but it is beyond my toleration. As your revolver's fire rate indicates that it's single action, so it takes too darn long to shoot second bullets. Enemies do not die with lesser than 3 or 4 pistol shots, so good luck evading those. Orange/brown enemies shoot fireballs that follow you with impressive accuracy. It is possible to dodge those in outdoors but putting batches of those monster in sewer level that consists of narrow corridors leaves you no chance of dodging or evading. You can easily miss the first shotgun, so end up fighting plenty of fireball shooter monsters with crappy pistol which is a strong indication of poor direction design. Shotgun is a 3 barrel shotgun which takes forever to reload; so you keep praying and cursing at the same time during boss fights which involve fighting against multiple enemies. Given the release year, there were already plenty of free Quake, Quake II, Half-Life, Unreal Tournament single player mods around, most of them far superior than this. Only positive thing I can say about The Dark Conjunction would be there is no need for Quake III Arena to run it; you can run it via Free OpenArena:


Avoozl says

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Because I think "9" is just a little too generous for this mod, I am merely tipping the balance in my favor.


Even if it sounds stupid...
This project had a very good journey... I still don't know why they canned it (Did they????).

I mean, the gameplay was wonderful and the graphics were very good back then.

Also, the level design was unique. Quite mindblow wise like Half-Life, but in a good way.


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