HL1 Coop, -Singelplayer Modification - We wrote the year 2349, where only a few human beings live on earth. Since the great incidence, where a group of scientist have opened a portal to the fourth dimension, since then creatures threaten the earth and completely want to destroy our planet...

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Stuck on first level. Damn mod.


8/10 for Cool maps - top! <3
But many iritating problems with gameplay.

-To many things hamper the experience, first off the rope doesn't work in the area that is crucial to get through to the next part.
-Standard enemies can infinitely respawn in the early areas, meaning it forces you to use the explosives to get past those parts.
-Events that kill you for choosing wrongly (turning a valve when your not supposed to, or going the wrong way like in the early part of the second map, or towards the end after you teleport in to the beginning of the game just before things went to hell).
-Some weapons are to weak, like the new .45 handgun, the shotgun, and the AK47 seems hardly any better than the M4A1. You just end up using the sniper as soon as you get it (sharing the ammo with the ak47) it owns everything.
+Fairly long
+Interesting Hud and visual style
+Ending is quite odd, how you could have stopped everything heh
+- Can be pretty difficulty, the parts that require you to run around the place to figure out what to do next. But some may like this, I sort of did.


Good mapping and coding, but the mod is extremly hard. A lot of places with endlessly respawning enemies and same time with poor weapons' placement. Moreover cheats are not working, so you can easily stuck, if you out of ammo. Some puzzles are difficult also and only walkthrough can help you.

Horrible...The more i played it...the more i hated it because of it's insane hardness level

Confusing and hard to follow, but I found the level design attractive and the fighting, while hard and almost impossible in some places, was intense and fun.

Certainly not something to be overlooked C:

this mod is epic fail....

1:Co op my ***
3:i could do a better plot that this mod's plot



Liked it a lot...


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