This mod adds six new factions of men to the Rise of the Witch King expansion allowing you to control any of the races of men that participated in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. It has more than forty new heroes and several dozen new buildings and units for the new armies. This mod must be played with the Model Detail set to Maximum.

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it dont needs empty words, only play once and you will become part of battle for middle earth

One of the best rowtk mods for wotr.

I admit that this mod far exceeded my expectations,if someone wants to make a historical war after the fall of mordor is also possible because the new factions: Rhovanion, Gondor, Rohan, Harad, Rhun, King's Men (would give to change the name to black numenorian)
are historically the remnants that may or may not begin an arms running for a new central power of evil factions and those who would oppose this arms race to protect free peoples

The redetextures from the original factions, arent cool. Rhis mod dont add anything new than other mods. Its a try for a mod.

Need to be improved, still some mistakes, impossible online

want to play


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