THE BATTLE OF GENERALS: FACTION : 1.INFANTRY GENERAL - Veteran Infantry, Cloning Facility and more infantry like Jarmen Kell that can kill vehicle driver. 2.TANK GENERAL - Heavy Tank Drop, Cloning Tank Factory and more Tanks 3.STEALTH GENERAL - can built a stealth generator Tower, Stealth Units and Mobile Gap Gnerator 4.SUPER WEAPON GENERAL - on going 5.NUCLEAR GENERAL - on going 6.AIRFORCE GENERAL - SW:Carpet Bombing, and Suicide Plane 7.DEFENCE GENERAL - EMP cannon ,Blue Artillery Strike and Tank Bunker for better defence 8.DEMOLITION GENERAL - Demolition truck is upgraded and SW demo truck delivery 9.ROBOT GENERAL - on going 10.LASER GENERAL - laser trooper, laser Tank and Laser Connon and laser units and Infantry 11.GAS AND TOXIC GENERAL - chemical Paradrop 12.TESLA GENERAL - SW wheather control device and Big Tesla

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  • -------------------->> is a very advanced fence for Laser General
  • -------------------->> is used for both defensive and offensive system
  • -------------------->> cost 1000-->>is only available in Laser General

snapshot 001 copy 1



snapshot 002 copy snapshot 004 copy



  • Super Weapons---> Ambush Special Attack >> it delivered 4 Apocalypes and 5 HIgh Jacker to ambush and suprise the enemy attack


  1. Disguise Battle Footress
  2. Mobile Gap Generator
  3. Radar Jammer
  4. Mirage Prism
  5. Mirage Heavy Tank


  1. Nuetron MIne- is a Small Mine that can kill Vehicle Driver
  2. Super Gap Generator-2x than other gap


The Battle of Generals - Update

The Battle of Generals - Update

News 2 comments

New Unit for Laser Generals. Prism Prime and FAC - For Airforce Generals.




The Battle of Generals: New update for: Laser General - Cobra Laser. Psychic General - amphibious artillery and mechanized artillery.

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The Battle of Generals v 3 .alx

The Battle of Generals v 3 .alx

Full Version 1 comment

Fixed : Eva Voice Replace with New Eva Voice for Better Superweapon EVA Voice and match to the other Superweapon like: Airstrike Eva Voice is-Spy Plane...

The Battle of Generals V2.x

The Battle of Generals V2.x

Full Version 2 comments

New Update for The Battle of Generals- All generals Now Having Superweapons and new more unit.

The Battle of Generals V1.0ax

The Battle of Generals V1.0ax

Full Version

THE BATTLE OF GENERAL is a Command and Conquer Red Alert; Yuri revenge Mod Generals: 1. Infantry General-Can Built Cloning Vats and Jarmen Kell can kill...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 20)

To anyone who has successfully uninstalled this mod and returned their Yuri's Revenge game to normal, could you please tell me how you did so?

My problems:

1. Even after deleting all files the mod creator told me to delete to return my game to normal, Battle of General stuff is still in the vanilla game. I want to see the normal Yuri's Revenge radar thing on the main menu (I don't know what you call that animation by the menu; ergo, radar thing) and everything else normal on subsequent pages.

2. The mod's factions still replace the vanilla game factions, and I want them back.

3. The mod files have taken away the "Missions" option in Mental Omega, the excellent mod I have installed now. Before installing Battle of General, the "Missions" option was always there after clicking "Single Player" on the main menu. Now only "Skirmish" and "Load Saved Game" are there. I can confirm this because Battle of General is not installed on another computer I have Yuri's Revenge and the Mental Omega mod installed on, and the "Missions" option is there.

Your help is appreciated, thank you.

To the mod creator: Your mod is good, yes, but it is just not for me. I thank you for making it for others to enjoy nonetheless.

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albertliwagon25 Creator

okkk.... all you to do in problem no 3. is delete the UIMD.ini

and try yuri revenge clean up program...u can search and donload it somewhere

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I just tried it, so need to make feedback:
- There is still too much missing names, should be easy to fix, so fix them.
- Don't make general names UPPERCASE, they should hardly fit there when lowercase. Uppercase makes them even worse.
- Tesla Moster voxel offset doesn't look correct. Check the HVA, be sure it is at ground Level.
- Yuri Oil Derrick is using Allied Ref Artwork, possibly bug.
- Remove Flags and "Tech" part of their name from buildable derricks.
- Give some of these huge tanks omni-crush ability, for example Tank General SW Tank is really huge, isn't it wierd that they don't crush other vehicles.
- Smallen Sensor Array building or Langen the Vehicle, it looks bad.
- Fix Sensor array and SCUD names, they are saying LPST and V4 on tooltips.
- Neutron Mines doesn't work, but you can't do anything to it. Kill Driver doesn't work well with cell spread.
- Make Neutron Mines passable.
- There must be an allied Tank Bunker artwork somewhere use it for defence general.
- Adv. Command Bar is a bit messed up, reorder them.
- Use old Soviet C. Vats for Infantry General.
- Add Jarmen's Voice from Generals.
- Gattling trooper lacks of fire sound.
- Let Hijacker able to drive Civilian/Driver Killed vehicles.
- Not sure if Tank Hunters are WAI, their damage agains Vehicles is too low.
- Generals 3rd level Paradrop Cameo may fit Infantry General's Paradrop SW.
- Inf General's Battle fortress can't unload but shows passenger pips, also have Allied Inf. in it, which is ejected on death.
- Super Paradrop has Allied Infantry in it, even general is Soviet General.

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albertliwagon25 Creator

i can't fix everything .. because i'll stop working of this mod for some
1. i only a beginner
2. AI of a new General is not working .. THE AMBUSH GENERAL AND ROBOT GENERAL that's why i did not upload the update of this mod with this two generals
3. i plan to make a new simple MOD with AI work Better., simple and amazing. the title of the mod " WORLD WAR 3" maybe i used some units and logics from this mod...
4. i want to make my own animation using 3D max..that why i still searching for tutorials of 3d max
5. i only one..making of this mod

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- Lazer Grizzly also have no firing sound.
- Lazer fence's name has extra Line at top.
- Lazer Trooper looks like have problems with sequence. Deployer and Occupier tags looks like left on it. When occupied it still uses GI's MG.
- Lazer Rocketter is named as Cosmonout in Tooltip.
- Prizm Prime's weapon hit anim is centered, i think it meant to be starting from ground and going up.
- Cobra has its tail rotor as shadow instead of body.
- Buildable Oil Derricks shouldn't leave rubble.
- Soviet Flags on some structures are half remappable.
- Suicide Plane is not really exploding, no anim too low damage. Also have wrong offset.
- Airforce Upling's artwork is 2x2 but it is 3x3 ingame.

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albertliwagon25 Creator

sir pls.. can u send me a tutorials for 3d max .. or how make a new building for RA2
your response is highly appreciated.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I never used 3dmax, i made my buildings using Photoshop.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

photoshop? genius! work for meee!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

photoshop? genius! work for meee!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
albertliwagon25 Creator

if you are using Photoshop how to export in Red alert 2?????

can u help me how to do it.......

and sadly.. i'm not photoshop expert.. i'm a little learner in Photoshop

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