The American Civil War Mod: Revived is a single player mod for Mount and Blade: Warband that is built upon an old civil war mod that ceased development, that was called, "A House Divided". Thanks to the help from the amazing community here, I have been able to include some new features in the mod, like advanced formations and fire orders, and successfully address many of the major bugs that came with the first release. Many new features have since been added, and you can read more about them here, on the mod page. A great deal of thanks is due to all the guys who contributed their work in the past, as well as those who have graciously provided their assistance since the mod has come back to active development; Matsuri5, Helm8000, Эльдар, Kawooz_Mirza, pizzaman6, UwU_XD, the Blood and Iron team, Tasmit, Hinkel, Poomtang, Azrooh, Tessius, Durnius, Gabrilduro, and Dellivils being just some of those who've made this possible.

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Awesome mod, written by a ACW reenactor.

+Various weapons to choose from, from various muskets, pistols and swords.

+Various clothes that are modeled really well, and have several different versions to create a character (Officer, NCO, Private uniforms with or without backpacks, different shoes [and some confeds don't have shoes!], and quite a few different hats)

+ Dialogue matching with the time period

+Small changes that make it feel like you stepped back into 1861

+Flags: The flags look really good, especially in combat. It also makes it look like you have an actual unit, instead of a hodgepodge of different soldiers.

+Soundtrack: Can't go wrong with a blend of original music, music from Gettysburg (1991, and my favorite movie) and Glory

- Very, very tiny problem is the musket's are not quite what they are (Mainly flintlocks instead of caplocks). While not a gameplay problem, most people will not notice the difference, and at the end of the day, they act very similarly.

- Tournaments are a tad wack (Sometimes spawning people under water) but still for the most part playable

If you are a big ACW buff or reenactor, this mod is really great, and can transform this game from it's base medieval time period to the 1860's. Only complaint is the musket models, but it is not a gamebreaking issue - just a very, very small visual one. 9/10: Would secede again.


A nice mod, but still have many bugs, and scenes need to be done.


Needs distant gunfire (like L'aigle or WFAS)
Lacks towns to match time period.
Feels like a poor man's mod.


Review Version: 1.5 Hotfix
Rating at Time of Review: 6/10

There remains quite a notable amount of work to be done on the mod.

- The tournament scene is incomplete, still using native equipment and buggy town/forest scenes that the ai has trouble navigating. Avoid if you wish to roleplay in the time-period.
-Upon starting a new game, the players inventory may be filled with random native equipment, which may or may not work (eg crossbows, rusty medieval swords, shields.)
-One of the starting officer sabres given at the start when drawn from its sheath, still shows visually that the sword is still sheathed rather than being drawn. So you will have a sword in your hand, and the same sword still in its sheath.
-The Plains Indian Tribe Unit Troop tree is notably incomplete, coming naked without any custom armor at the moment. I am aware that the faction is only a placeholder at the moment.
-Many scenes still use the original native castle/tavern scenes as placeholders.
-Many areas of the map are void of any bandit units besides deserters, which makes the early game sandbox experience as a mercenary/bandit hunter/etc. difficult/nonexistent depending on the starting area.
-When starting a new game and checking the faction roster, there are listed 4 ‘invalid faction’ factions, which while inconsequential to gameplay, give off a feel that there is a lack of polish on the mod, in conjunction with other quips and grips noted above.

In areas where the mod is complete, such as the union or confederate troop trees, and in combat, I would say that it is about on par (average) compared with other musket firearms mods available. The uniforms and item models for rifles themselves for the line infantry are of a nice quality, but officer uniforms could use some improvement on the textures. The mod doesn’t particularly stand out in its current state, but that can change when more work is done to polish the mod in areas that it is lacking. I recommend playing if you want to help out with testing the kinks out and giving feedback, as well as to play as a commander/soldier in one of the main factions, but outside of those, as of now the mod is not a complete experience.

Good luck with development of your mod!

I'd say this mod is a solid 7/10. The battles themselves are quite fun and where the mod shines, though freelancer implementation would make them even better, so you could choose to be a standard grunt or an officer as at the moment you can only be an officer. The model quality is good, though it could be better. Ultimately, this mod has the potential to hit a 9/10 or even a 10/10 if/when tournaments are fixed, towns and cities are re-done (the medieval villages and cities really feel out of place), new maps, new faces, and, optionally, higher quality models.

From a dead mod to a revived one you don't see that everyday. I know this mod has some problems, but I feel with the next installment it will become full of life. Mount & Blade has never really had a great civil war mod I mean don't get me wrong there are good ones (in the few) but I feel like this can rise to the same level as L'Aigle in due time.


Nice mod. Need some little bit more work on some issues but it is great.

Great concept. Needs expanding.


At this time 1Q 2020, it is totally worth playing. Bug are expected, scenes aren't finished, but the ascetic is there. Good for a little romp, excited for it to be fully fleshed out.

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