Template Modification is a mod designed to help new modders create mods based of my fixed version of the game. It uses the UMP Developers patch to fix loads of game breaking bugs and much more It adds things such A Yuri Anti Air Trooper which he was always lacking so just small things like this. The mod will keep growing dependant on feedback & Idea's so Feedback is keep this mod going

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Change List


UMP Changes

- Added the General UMP Developer Kit Rules files, for full change list see UMP Change.txt

UMP Manual Changes

- Secret Lab has been added to NeutralTechBuildings= Making it appear on Randomly Generated Maps

- Debris Changes, Case Sensitive Typo's, Replaced "DebrisAnim=" With "DebrisAnims=" & Replaced "Maxdebris=" With "MaxDebris="

- Enabled An unused Allied & Soviet Power plant destruction animation they are GTPOWEXP & TSTLEXP

- Map Smudges have been changed to correctly display by using the correct code from the UMP Optional Changes Section

- Partriot Missile Fire Origin has been set so it files 2 missiles correctly at half the orginal damage

- Generic Prerequsites have been changed on the Chrono Legionnaire, Aircraft Carrier & Siege Chopper they now require there Repective Battle lab and Not (TECH)

- Removed Prerequisite Overrides from the Chrono Legionnaire, Yuri & Navel Seal

- Changed all Amphibious Transports to FACTORY Prerequsites to prevent them from all showing if all 3 navel yars are owned, Also Adjusted Allied Landing Craft to match Soviet & Yuri's

- Equivalent buildings' strength inconsistencies, Matched the Chrono Sphere & Iron Curtain with the Genetic Mutator & Matched the Ore Purifier with the Industrial Plant & Cloning Vats

- Sound limits (Spy disguise sound & Floating Disc move loop)Added Limit=2 to SpyAttack & added Limit=4 to Floating Disc Movement

- Elite Flak unit weapon ranges have reduced range when elite, Changed to increased ranges to correspond with elite weapon status

- Elite Flak Trooper AA weapon damage Increased ROF slightly to decrease attack time & added a small amount of extra damage

- Mind-controlling Animals changed the Dolphin & Civilian animals to have the tag ImmuneToPsionics=yes

- Industrial Plant & Grinder reduced all Allied Soviet & Yuri soylents by 25% to stop the Free Money Trick

- Mind-blast IFV Alterted the CRMindControl so that it auto fires and has the same ROF as the Yuri Clone IFV Mode

- Demolition Truck IFV & Terror Bomb IFV now have altered weapons Projectiles and Warheads according to the UMP Optional Fixes

- Demolition Truck omni-fire added Omnifire=yes to the demolition truck so it doesn't have to turn to face the target to explode

- 1% verses on warheads changed the HollowPoint Warheads 1%'s to 0% so that the units wont retaliate to enemys firing at them that they can't really damage

- Mirage Tank didn't have an elite weapon enabled so I have now enabled it and changed the mirage tank to Omnifire=yes so it doesn't have to face the enemy to fire

- Tesla Coil weapon gets a range boost when its powered by tesla troopers, Now the normal Tesla coil attack gains an height range bonus and so does the Psychic Tower weapon

- Prism Tower weapon Prism tower couldn't damage bridges but that has now been altered to match the Tesla Coil

- Magnetron vs. ore harvesters changed magnatrons weapon so it can't attack medium armor which is what the Ore Miners use

- Elite Psi-Commando mind-control the maximum captured units by the Psi Commando is now 4 and the range has been decreased from 14 to 10

- Added BaseNormal=yes to the Tech machine shop

- Anti-air Range Bonus From Height vs. Adjacency removed the Height advantage the flak cannon got over the Gattling Cannon and Patriot missile but increased the flak cannons adjacency

- IFV naming system / UseOwnName Changed the GI Conscript & Spy to UseOwnName=true

- Gattling tank now has its own GattlingTankMoveStart sound

General Changes

- Altered the tank destroyers [AP] Warhead so light armor is now 100% and not a lower value than the Percentage of Medium & Heavy Armor's

- Added EligibileForAllyBuilding=yes to all factorys, all Battle Labs and some other higher & Expensive structures, its also attached to the Tech Buildings Such as the Tech Airpad

- Increased Damage and Lower Rate Of Fire for the Tech outposts weapon

- added HasRadialIndicator=true to all base defenses with a suitable projectile and added it to the Tech outpost

- All defenses are now trainable thus they have primary elite weapons the Tesla coil & prism tower don't have EliteSecondary weapons they have the originals

- Create Logic Revamp the list now consists of
IFV, Prism Tank & Allied MCV
Flak Track, Apocalypse & Soviet MCV
Gattling Tank, Mastermind & Yuri MCV

- Secret Tech Lab has been slightly altered


- Added DebrisAnims=CRYSTAL1,CRYSTAL2,CRYSTAL3,CRYSTAL4 to all 3 Refinerys so when they are destroyed they spread a small amount of Ore around the area they were destroyed

- Added arctic Alernative arts have been added to the GI, Conscript & Initiate

- Added an elite Dragon line trailer to the AAHeatSeeker2E & AirtoGroundMissilesE

- Added OreTruckHarvest to The Chrono Miner, War Miner & Slave Miner

- Altered the Blue & Purple Chosen colors

- Added new loading screens for each team, Created by lefthand

- Force Shield Cooldown Timer is now displayed like regular superweapons it is also not not disabled when Super weapons are

- Both allied & Soviet dogs are now trainable, The also can now detect Stealthed units

- The Paradrop plane now has a new Voxel

- Added Crewed=yes to all Allied, Soviet & Yuri units


- Increased cost of Battle fortress to 2600 > 2000

- Increased Size of the Cannon Ball Projectile the Grand Cannon Fires

- The Robot tank can now become Veteran & Elite its has a new weapon which is good vs Armor Moderate vs infantry & Structures

- new look for the German Tank Destroyer bigger and badder
New Voxel Art

- Altered the Animation when the Mirage tanks projectile hits an enemy unit


- Apocalypse Tank now attacks infantry with its mammoth tusks weapon instead of its orgiginal
increasment in HP from 800 > 1100
New Voxel Art

- Crazy Ivan is now Trainable, Gains an elite Weapon, Has a throwing Bomb instead of planting it & now explodes when he is Destroyed

- Increased Armor of the Demolition Truck, Increased Maximum Radiation level & Change the Warhead a little now more effective and shakes upon distruction
New Voxel Art

- Rhino tank has a new look slightly bigger
New Voxel Art

- New Tesla tank art TJFrames Mammoth Tesla Tank
New Voxel Art

- Added the Soviet Spy to give the soviets infiltrate abilities

- Increased speed of boris'es MiG's

- Drednaught Missile Ship now uses the Valdamir Graphic
New Voxel Art

- Sentry gun now has new Graphics for a nicer cleaner look
New Graphic Art


- Chaos Drone now has a turret that spins for the Chaos Effect, Increased Strength to 225

- Increased Brute HP from 200 > 300

- Nightmare Trooper has been added to fill the Anti Aircraft infantry role for Yuri

- Added the Gattling Ship to provide an extended navey for Yuri and an Anti Air Boat

- Yuri's Mastermind can now capture a maximum of 2 units and will not overload

- Yuri's Psychic tower can capture 3 units but will start to overload at 4+ units and take damage

- Cloning vats now has a new Graphics looks better and cleaner

- Yuri now has the Intruder Infantry it can infiltrait the enemy bases

- Magnatron now has reduced damage vs buildings
New Voxel Art

- Added the Yuri Shadow Shift can carry 3 Infantry units up to the size of 2, It also has a 20MMRapid Weapon

- Yuri Clone can now hover over water as an added bonus to mix things up

- Added Yuri Aircraft pad to balance out the factions

AI Fixes

- Black Eagle AI fix has been implemented

- Fixed the Broken V3 Task force that tried to use the name V3Rocket

- Enabled Disabled Triggers & Added all easy task forces to Medium & Brutal Dificulty All Mediums To Brutal so the AI has a higher choice of Taskforce

- added lots of AI changes to get the AI to react Quicker and be a little smater and faster which its assults

Map Changes

- Fixed some of the Screw ups in the original Yuri's Revenge maps

- Fixed the AI on Downtown DC it was told to ignore AI global triggers thus the AI did nothing


- Both Translucent=yes & Translucency=50 have been disabled to remove a lot of lag when animations play

- Lowered Maximum Particle Caps on particle systems to reduce lag

- Lowered Translucency= on particles to remove some lag

- Added Trailer=DURASMOKE to both the grand cannon projectile The Aegis Cruiser Medusa & the dragon Projectile Image


- Combined The GGI Deploy sound with the GGI deploy voice for a double sound effect in 1 sound tag


there should be like a yuris moving fortress it would be really cool if he also had more water units

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
C&C-Hogo Creator

Im currently working on Evening out the sides, As you see in WW release you have Yuri who is deprived of certain units such as a Anti Air Infantry, Anyreal Anti Armor
& a missing Navel & Airforce.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
feillyne Staff

Not only these units... Yuri lacks much more and more essential things.

And most Yuri forces lack the balance. They destroy the balance between 3 factions.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

This is a really great idea. I don't know if it has been done before, but I'm terrible at bug-fixing, so it's great that a lot of that will be taken care of for me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
C&C-Hogo Creator

Thats good to know I like to help where I can :)
Anyhow if you have any thing you feel you would like to see fixed/implemented let me know ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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