Team Fortress 2 Vintage is an open source re-creation of pre-Mannconomy TF2 focusing on gameplay and quality of life updates while retaining the early TF2 feeling.

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The mod is all that I have been wanting for quite some time, while the only negative is a small community. Games aren't as common and people only regularly on pre-announced game nights. But the mod itself is very great.

Want a true pre-Mannconomy, pre-hat version of TF2?

Play on consoles :^)


ogroo says

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forgive mecha guy, he not a people person and he have short temper, but behind that lies loyalty and love for this project. in my eyes, it never truly was meant to be a competitive mod, but rather a small community project by a community for itself. yes, it uses a modified version of tf2c, and at first i thought it dumb, but when i play it was actually a bigger fun in tf2 i have had in quite a while. the games not often (which probably good thing so it not go stale fast), and they usually only reach 12 players, but if you can get past fact that everyone is a autistic 8channer with a anime profile pic, i am sure you will enjoy play games of it too.

the more the merrier


its like a nohatmod and weapon restrct plugin together...but without the custom hud compatiblity. i dont see the point of this mod to be honest.

Bringing tf2 back to the golden age

Give me nostalgia for when TF2 was a simple fun game.

TF2C without the gimmicks.



Awesome game.


It's a great mod that brings back what TF2 used to be, plus it keeps the few good things that Valve added to TF2.

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