Welcome to The Cosmic Mystery Serial! Season 1: The Stone Orb Episode 1: Twin Brothers' Mine This mod is the first installment of a series I plan to me working on over a decent amount of time. Please enjoy it and do let me know if there is anything wrong with it. In the beginning of the mod, you'll receive a note that is written by a character named, Alexander Bullit. This note will appear in the beginning of each story, but the character you play as will change. In this story, you will play as Rolando Barnes as you delve deep into the Twin Brothers' Mine Shaft on a dare, but will return with a certain treasure. Think carefully about certain situations, and remember that death is not as permanent as you'd think.

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CustomStoryGatherers says

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I will say this straight: THIS MOD IS HIGHLY UNDERRATED! I have looked at the bad reviews and the developer listened and improved the CS from what it first was. Well done developer. This is a really good and enjoyable custom story with a creepy atmosphere. The story is interesting and there is no dull moment. I still enjoyed that in the first parts, you still only carry a torch around. However, its not that dark as people describe. Nice music at the end btw! I also really enjoyed the new invisible entity, which wasnt that scary but I like the change.

There is only one ceiling texture missing in the area with the long stairs.

-Custom Story Gatherers


GoodGamePlayer says

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This custom story has unique design, which I really liked, but unfortunately, I cannot rate it any higher. There is only one problem in this custom story - the dark areas make this custom story barely playable. I understand this could be a nice feature, but if you decided to disable the "Amnesia cat vision" in dark areas, then adding a lantern (or possibly a flashlight) is compulsory.


pepala says

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unplayable bored...scary abuse and more¡¡¡


SovietMentality says

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Well, I wish I didn't have to give you this rating, since your mapping is good and you used great soundtracks. But why keep the player wandering in the extreme dark for a big chunk of the game. I had to max out the Gamma and that only helped a little in some parts. I'm also not a fan of carrying the torch around, I was especially going crazy, trying not to lose the torch while avoiding the first grunt.

Also in the super pitch black mines, one minute after getting the crank, the screen fades to black and the game crashes. When I reload up the custom story I'm back in that bedroom with the cage bed.... Checkpoints here are awful. I didn't wanna deal with that monster again....

I STRONGLY suggest that you release a version of this mod with no permadeath, cuz that **** only gets in the way of mod completion.

I gave up after that game crash.

Be sure to have your mods beta-tested before release so people don't get bothered by game crashes.

I will change this rating if you do fix it up.


KiraImmortal says

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Episode 1:

a wonderful start! one of the most atmospheric, creepy and well designed gameplay and mapping i've seen in a while. it was a long time ago when i was so on the edge from original amnesia monsters too. resources were well managed, the part where you had to carry the torch around was awesome. the whole thing was kinda something special you don't see very often, the lore scattered around was nice too! All in all, it's a very good entry. I give it a 9.5/10 just because of the smaller flaws like problems with permadeath and some events.

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