Tanks and Rogues is a serverside modification for Quake III Arena with heavy focus on teamplay. The core idea of Tanks and Rogues is that everything is a team effort. To kill an enemy tank, first your rogue has to disable the enemy's shield, then before it regenerate, your tank must hit the enemy tank with conventional weapons to actually kill him. This creates a new kind of teamplay, a tight teamplay seldom seen in FPS games, a teamplay that requires you to focus as much on your teammates as on your enemies. For extra spice, Tanks and Rogues includes cool features as the Power Taunt and the Team Grenade. The former is an awesome explosion activated by capturing a Power Taunt item and then using the Quake III Arena 'gesture'-feature simultaneously with and in proximity to your teammates. The Team Grenade is a very powerful grenade that will only detonate if hit by a rogue's weapon. It is perfect for clearing out a room of campers but again requires delicate teamplay.

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Mod Video Spotlight - September 2008

Mod Video Spotlight - September 2008

Feature 28 comments

One busy busy month for ModDB, take a look and see what you have missed!

Tanks and Rogues - from answer to modification

Tanks and Rogues - from answer to modification

Feature 4 comments

Like many other projects, TnR started with a question. It was a question that had been present in my mind for a long time and during countless gaming...

Teamplay Enforcing Armor

Teamplay Enforcing Armor


The main feature of Tanks and Rogues is the armor of god. It makes players invulnerable to single enemies but not towards teamplaying opponents. Two elements...

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