You are in a tavern in one of the larger cities of Calradia. In exchange for a tankard of his favorite mead, a traveller has promised to tell you about what he claims to be the most promising place in Calradia in future years. You sit down at the table across from him and listen expectantly.

"If I'm to tell you about Rindahl, I will do so properly -- from the beginning. It all began back before the fall of the Calrad Empire. Given the geographical position of the Rindahl area, it was a hub for some sorts of trade. The residents of the region made small fortunes because of it. It was a good time for anyone living in the region. Even after the fall of the Empire, Rindahl continued to prosper. It was short-lived. Following the fall, there was a general breakdown in law and order. Highway robbers and common looters ran rampant. Not much different from today. Borders shifted back and forth, and the Rindahl region fell under the control of one kingdom after another. One day a Jarl would sit in authority over the locals, the next it was a Boyar, and the next a Count. After a few years of this, it got to the point that nobody knew who actually had a right to the land, but everybody seemed to have a claim. Given the unstable nature of the region, it slowly became more and more a home for all sorts of filth and degenerate scum."

The man pauses his speaking and takes a long swig of his drink. He slowly lowers the tankard back to the table and stares off behind you, his mind in a different place. Suddenly, he snaps his attention back to you.

"Where was I? Oh right, after the fall. So..... the Nords, Vaegirs, and Swadians have been bickering over this region for generations. There have been all kinds of heroes or notorious outlaws..... The bloodletters, a clan that even raided Lyonhall, the swadian town there. Afterwards, they were massacred themselves. Their leader was Eyvindur.... Ah, I can't remember his last name. Oh well. The fighting continued as such until a short time ago. This is currently how the politics stand in the region. He directs your attention to a map.

"On the south shore, near the Zult Marsh, a swamp, there is Lyonhall. This is controlled by the Swadians. For some reason or another, they ran out of heirs to the Indemar family, which was the old noble family that originally claimed Rindahl, and thus the Swadian people, who still had a vested interest in maintaining the region, asked their king to sent a new lord to protect them. I believe they called him the count, or some such thing, hardly fitting, if you ask me. Across the lake, in the forests that grow there, there is an outpost belonging to the Nords known as Ruarden. Finally, far to the east in the badlands, high above the Rin river, whose water fills the lake, there is the Vaegir fortress of Faircliff.

Features List:

  • A massive new and immersive map to explore!
  • Naval Warfare; working ships that can be built or purchased.
  • A new and unique chat system.
  • Storage System; Storage Carts, Baskets, Crates, all pullable except chests.
  • Hunting; this includes several animals like: deer, fawns, boars and boarlets. Also includes skinning of animal.
  • Farming; Includes farm animals like: cows and calves.
  • Resource gathering; Resources like ores, wood, wheat, grapes, herbs.
  • The ability to sit instead of standing infront of a chair pretending you are sitting.
  • A hunger system.
  • A vast amount of new armor and weaponry.
  • An economic system which provides balanced roleplay for all players.
  • Jobs like; Farmer, Merchant and Blacksmith. In order to roleplay these jobs for full, you'll have to gather resources instead of RP'ing them.
  • Certain animations like; cheer, clapping etc.
  • A vast amount of accessible buildings, like houses, keeps and castles.
  • Secret areas.

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Head Administrator:
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Arraknia Creator
Arraknia - - 19 comments

Hey there, would like to notify all of the followers of this mod that a new scenario is coming out with tons of new features. Go to or search for Krenn Roleplay on moddb to find out more.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
tommacool - - 358 comments

Are you guys planning Bannerlord RP?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Arraknia Creator
Arraknia - - 19 comments

There are no formal plans, but who knows. Something might happen.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Arraknia Creator
Arraknia - - 19 comments

for anyone wondering, it's sorta been abandoned. revival might happen.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
ObscuredWanderer - - 98 comments

Yeah... who knows, right?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
tommacool - - 358 comments

I hope so! I enjoyed it while it lasted.
But your Warband RP was true magic :) Will never forget that. Was like living in another world

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
kylongtoe - - 224 comments

The trailer was fuc**** awesome! I wish you luck on this mod. Tracking!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AntiCoup - - 35 comments

When The Release ?
is it single player too ?
thanks bro

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
toul64 - - 12 comments

Can't go inside your Website. It say "Maintenance Mode"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 695,571 comments

Why is it that all the mods that go into as much detail as this to let people play so many roles are all online? I want to be able to play a mod with such detail as this but WITHOUT people overwhelming be at every point. Why can't you just make single player versions, please?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Riminate - - 33 comments

Because these mods are made for faction wars and such, these mods wouldn't be fun for most people if you were just walking around farming.
The RP of these mods are also a big deal and you can't RP if you don't have other peeps.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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