TA:Enhanced aims at making Total Annihilation's gameplay faster, while preserving and even improving its standard in terms of strategy. It adds several units to the game, all carefully balanced and polished, in spite of the current "alpha" status of the project. This mods also adds plenty of new sounds and visual effects, with many that are totally new in the world of TA. It should be noticed that all weapons are 100% unique, both visually and technically. It also features a system of factions, which is entirely meant to make the gameplay more interesting, allowing each race to choose between different technologies (still in alpha at the moment). TA:Enhanced is also about giving TA greater visuals, with many OTA and 3rd party units carefully retextured using more modern textures and more coherent lightning. Current version: alpha 0.7h

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This mod is simply amazing. The AI really keeps you on your toes. The new units really make the game stand out. I can't wait for new updates!


The_Realest says

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Should rate less for the loading screen crash (at least the few times I tried), but I give 10 for the concept of updating original units' appearance. Great and intuitive.


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