System Shock Infinite is the unofficial sequel to System Shock 2.

Troubleshooting and tips for System Shock Infinite v2.4.

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Save before entering a new level: re-entering a "bugged" level usually fixes it.

"Is System Shock Infinite compatible with other mods?"
Yes, it is compatible with graphical and audio enhancements like SHTUP, SHMUP and Rebirth.
Just make sure you give Infinite the highest priority, so you don't end up overwriting it.
Only gameplay mods like Adaob (which is included), Secmod and SCP are incompatible.

"Can I load my vanilla savegames with this mod?"
No, you need to start a new game for the new content to activate correctly.

"The dialogue portraits are missing."
Check the Addons & Fixes file for a solution to this problem.

"The mod doesn't load, and if it does the movies and textures are missing."
If your game is installed in Program Files, move it to a different folder like C:\SS2.
Try also using Blue Mod Manager instead of FMSel.

"Movies used to play normally, but then stopped working."
The user who reported this glitch, got it fixed by rebooting.

"The HUD is really small on my monitor, can I resize it?"
Yes, check the check the Addons & Fixes for a way to do so.

"I'm stuck due to a bug, what should I do?"
If a bugged door stops your progress, check the Addons & Fixes file for a fix.

"I have experienced a different kind of bug, who should I contact?"
Report your findings in a comment on the homepage, or mail

"I'm having trouble specializing in every weapon skill to deal with all enemy types."
Specialize in just one and leave the rest to the "Marie: Attack" psi power.

"How do I disable the blue forcefields?"
Use the "Marie: Security" psi power.

"How do I activate the out-of-phase marines and the black eggs?"
Out-of-phase marines can be revived with the "Marie: Phase" psi power.
Similarly, the black eggs can be restored to complete Captain Diego's subquest.

"I have never played System Shock 2 before, should I start with this mod?"
Wait unti you've beaten the game at least once, or you'll miss out on all the references.

Last updated: October 12th 2015

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