System Shock Infinite is the unofficial sequel to System Shock 2.

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I love system shock 2 and still have the original disc of the game. Now that there are updates for system shock 2 and it can be played on modern systems I am playing through this great game again. System Shock Infinite is a mod that I have not played before until now, I can tell you that this mod is excellent and should be played to death. The voice acting for the mods is good and the mod is compatible with several other mods which make the graphics look lots better. One of the mods that is a must is Tacticool weapons mod as it makes the weapons look great. This mod has by its very design and the way it should be played during combat against the many has really made me concentrate on getting head-shots to make sure that they are taken down quickly, and the benefit of this is that it helps to conserve ammo, so give this mod a play-through if you have not yet had the chance too I guarantee that you will love it.

I just hope there is more coming soon.



This is perfection on a professional level, this project is worked on by amazing and talented modders, it's a great project and it's so well worked on that it can easily be confused with an official sequel, I want to congratualte the team on this piece of art!


A refreshing reinterpretation of a classic.


This mod pleases Many

Nostalgic :)

I really only expected System Shock 2 with some new audio logs. What we got was an actual sequel worthy of the title "System Shock 3," but "Infinite" works too. The best Fan Mission ever created for SS2!


This review is for the 2.41 version that i've just finished recently.

Overall, wonderful mod.

Trying to keep it short and spoiler-free so here's my Go/Ba list.

Good :

- Takes the classic SS2 story and tries to flesh it up more while adding time paradox/looping to the mix, it's a bit confusing, but pretty understandable for the most part.

- Additional gameplay elements such as specific damage weapons/new upgrades/tears/cyberspace is truly commendable.

- Attention to detail like the radio HUD is fantastic.

- Additional music was pretty fine, none too ear hurty.

- Multiple endings/paths makes for a nice replay for every playthrough.

Bad :

- The VA is inconsistent, sometimes it's the new ones, sometimes it's the old ones, sometimes it's an entirely different one altogether for a SINGLE character.

- Custom models for specific characters are not specific enough.

I keep confusing major characters from each other/NPCs due to their same-y models/faces.

- Cutscenes are "kinda" inconsistent, mixing the original cutscenes with the new ones, resulting in mixed quality.


System Shock 2 has been reborn in this mod, like the main hero of the game did. I advice you to play it if you like SS2 and Bioshock series.

I've been beta-testing System Shock Infinite form months, and I keep coming back to it because it's the only System Shock game I really want to play. It has everything: throwbacks to System Shock 1, advanced hacking, multiple endings, and the chance to save the doomed crew of the Von Braun. I just hope that Le Corbeau one day releases the source code of NewDark, so enough changes can be made that I can see all the new cutscenes in-game at full resolution.


Infinity brings a new life to such classic game like SS2. I mean common if you play besfore in SS2 - download it. If you dont - download it NOW!
New possibilities, paths, shortcuts, maps changings, companions, psi rework, plot twists/extensions, and of course a nice implemented CYBERSPACE from SS1 make a game A LOT interesting.
I cannot force myself to finish original SS2(just got bored at some pont), but Infinity is different. Its just something you just cannot pass or give up.
I really cannot wait for fist stable vesion(1.0 i guess).
P.S. I dont really know can be this mod combined with some graphical overhaul mod. Think its possible with SS2tool. The author might add some graphical overhaul mod to his project or make a quick guide how install some on Infinity.

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