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Enjoy the mod and look out for version 4 of the mod which is coming soon

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Q: I can’t setup the mod for the Mod Loader!!! Help!

A: Extract the .RAR file (either the full Mod Loader version or the fixed version for Tweakbox) then drag the folder that contains “Mod.ini” and “root” to Mod-Loader-Mods. From there, tick Super Sonic Heroes in the Heroes Mod Loader Configurator. If using the Tweakbox Compatibility version, put the mod at the highest priority (by clicking the up arrow at the down-left corner of the window). Click Save and Exit, launch the console, and watch your characters show up in game!

Q: What version do you recommend to us?

A: If you can get the Mod Loader working, I would use the Tweakbox Compatibility version, so you still get that Super Soniccy goodness if you use the Tweakbox often (or always). If you rarely use the Tweakbox or never use it, I would get the normal mod loader version. If in doubt you can’t get the Mod Loader to work, use the All-in-One Installer, it automatically sets up the mod but sadly replaces files compared to the Mod Loader, which just overwrites them for the duration of the game, then restores the original files when done. The normal All-in-One version is for people who want shitty reskins, “DLC” (if that’s what you want to call it) and you know how to play with Sonic Heroes’ files.

Q: Does this make the character’s invincible?

A: No, its just for cosmetic purposes. If you want real invincibility, I know of some codes in Tweakbox that do that, or you can go download that Team super pack, also on this website, that lets you play ‘real’ Team Super Sonic in regular stages, which is from the Metal Overlord fight (which obviously has invincibility). My mod is just for fun.

Q: Can I help with the mod too?

A: You sure can! If you wish to help work on the mod with me, I am willing to open places for people. Just email me at ashudowakatsuki@gmail.com with your enquiry that you want to help with the mod and I will consider!!!!!!!! Any help is great!

Q: But why? We have had Super Sonic Heroes mods in the past!

A: Yes, true! The earliest I remember is lllsondowlll’s Super Sonic Heroes, which is what based me to make this ‘definitive’ version of Super Sonic Heroes. His mod included Team Super, Super Shadow and Super Rouge, with Team Hyper at the end. Then there was UltimateDarkman’s pack of characters. His pack sadly lacked animations and crashed the game. Then there was ‘Super Sonic Heroes Reborn’, which was a mod I made on my old ModDB account, that was a mod that was bugged alot. I made this mod to collaborate all three Super Sonic Heroes mods into one ‘definitive’ pack while clearing as much bugs as possible.

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(V4) Super Sonic Heroes (for Heroes Mod Loader)

(V4) Super Sonic Heroes (for Heroes Mod Loader)

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Enjoy the mod and support the development, please!

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